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haia Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Blue Light Protecting Skincare

This multi-functional collection helps interrupt the inflammatory process through continuous skin detoxification and barrier support.

Certified organic skincare brand addresses a little-known but epidemic problem in aging: blue light damage caused by excessive electronic device use.

We recognized that while this isn’t a popular focus of skincare at this time, it is a critical one.”

— Michael Bruggeman

SILVERTHORNE, CO, US, March 10, 2022 / — While the skin care market is awash in UV ray sun protection products, the newly-launched haia skincare brand has recognized that the population faces a new, overlooked threat: blue light pollution.

In the digital age, very few can escape the damaging effects blue light has on skin wellness. In addition to naturally-occurring blue light from the sun, the artificial source is around us nearly every minute of the day in modern routines: fluorescent and LED lighting, flat-screen TVs, computer monitors, tablets and smartphones. With almost 50 percent of our time spent looking at electronic screens of some type, nearly every device we use throughout the day is aging our skin, and very few even realize it.

The effects of blue light on the body are numerous. In addition to causing eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma, blue light “contributes to hyperpigmentation, photoaging, and the breakdown of collagen, which leads to wrinkles and skin laxity,” says Shari Marchbein, a board-certified dermatologist and clinical assistant professor of dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine. Additionally, blue light disrupts the body’s natural circadian rhythm, also known as the body’s “internal clock”.

Michael Bruggeman, founder of Organic Male OM4 and haia, and President of One Well World commented, “We recognized that while this isn’t a popular focus of skincare at this time, it is a critical one. I started formulating haia’s Environmental Stress and Defense Collection in 2018 knowing this dark side of technology innovation would soon become a global trend. With a spiked increase in device time (+46%) during and post the pandemic, coupled with the new virtual reality of work, being forward thinking paid off.”

Bruggeman, who launched Organic Male OM4, an award-winning organic line for men in 2011, spent a year in the lab formulating a brand new multifunctional skincare line, with an entire collection focused on blue light protection, and in 2021 the haia brand was born.

The entire collection employs the concept of biomimicry – leveraging Mother Nature’s intelligence combined with the latest biotech ingredient science. For example in the Environmental Stress & Defense Collection, Blue Sea Kale – a plant that lives in the harsh coastal environment off Brittany, France – has evolved over millennia to shield against blue light rays, and in turn provides the same protection in the skincare application, in addition to benefiting collagen and skin structure.

Drawing from the success of Organic Male OM4, which features an easy-to-use 4-step collection of products addressing each of the common skin concerns, the haia line provides a cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer in each of four results-specific collections:

Environmental Stress & Defense Collection:

Pollution + Blue Light Protection, Skin Detox, Inflamm-Aging Defense

Microbiome & Oil Balancing Collection:

Microbiome Support, Oil Control, Pore Refining, Problem Skin Support

HD Restructuring & Brightening:

Deep Hydration, Wrinkle Reduction, Resurfacing & Brightening, Mature Skin Support

Age-Optimizing & Cellular Health:

DNA & Cellular Health Support, Age-Deferral, Extracellular Matrix Health


haia (HAPPY AS I AM) is a 360-degree Certified COSMOS Organic skin wellness brand that celebrates inclusion and individual-expression. haia scientifically supports skin and people of diverse colors, ethnicities, conditions, outward appearances, body types, sexual orientations and gender identities. We tap the earth’s ecological intelligence in selecting performance ingredients from four naturally occurring plant communities or biomes – the North American Boreal forest, Swiss Alpine tundra, Australian outback and the coast of Brittany, France, which represent each of the line’s four primary collections. haia’s personalized skin wellness solutions target today’s most pressing lifestyle concerns – urban air quality, extreme climate change, blue light from excessive device exposure, sleep and circadian rhythm disruption, stress, microbiome imbalances, cellular health, and skin longevity. Finally, each product has a carefully selected positive affirmation to inspire confidence and support emotional well-being. The haia line has been welcomed into resort spas throughout the United States and Latin America, and was recently awarded three grand prizes in the 2021 Spa & Wellness Mexicaribe Magazine Product Awards: Best Moisturizer, Best Cream Cleanser, and Best Stem Cell Product.

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