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Jennifer Lopez – My JLo Beauty Complexion Booster Routine

Jennifer Lopez – My JLo Beauty Complexion Booster Routine

Glow-getters! Here’s my daily complexion booster routine so you can perfect your glow ✨ Start taking notes… here’s how to get THAT glow with all 4 shades of That Star Filter® Complexion Booster:

✨ Rich Bronze — Get that JLo contour by applying under the cheekbones, jaw and along the forehead
✨ Warm Bronze — Perfectly sculpt your nose contour and then use as a diffuser along Rich Bronze
✨ Rose Gold — #GlowLikeJLo when you apply to the high points cheeks and inner corner of the eyes
✨ Pink Champagne — The most radiant final touch. Apply along the bridge of the nose, apples of the cheeks, along the brow bone and cupids bow

More about JLo Beauty:

“Our tagline is, ‘Beauty has no expiration date’ because to me, ageless isn’t just a mindset — you can feel youthful at any age and feel great, not just great for 50. The goal was to create luxurious but accessible skincare you can afford to use daily and products that follow you through life. Our skincare has to work as hard as you do, so we integrated potent ingredients in combinations and concentrations that work. We went through over 100 rounds of product development to bring you formulas that offer a range of benefits such as instant as well as longer-term, clinically shown results. I hope you love them as much as I do.”

My 20-year founder dream:
“For years, the number one question I’ve been asked is about my skin, and so I felt almost an obligation to share what I’ve learned. It’s taken 20 years to realize this dream, because I knew that when we launched, it had to be amazing because it has my name on it. I’ve been involved in all aspects of development, because JLo Beauty has to authentically mirror my values and reflect who I am, what I believe in, and how I live my life.”


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