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New children’s book Teaches Readers Loc Positivity and Natural Hair Love

Browni Locks and the Three Combs teaches loc positivity and natural hair love.

Parents looking for ways to teach self-love to their daughters have a new resource to start empowering conversations about natural hair care.

A relatable hair story every girl should read.”

— Monica Scott, author-illustrator

ANGOLA, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2022 / — Written and illustrated by Monica V. Scott, Browni Locks and the Three Combs is the first book of its kind focusing on locs as a one of the natural solutions to the frustrating and challenging hair journey of a kinky-curly haired girl. This relatable story is written in verse making it a fun family read and humor softens the edge of this hot button hair topic.

Browni, is a smart girl who has a string of bad hair days. She visits her lovable cousins, The Bears, who try every hair product and straightening method they can think of to “fix” her hair. This story echoes the hair struggles of so many women the world over. Though written for children who are growing up and maturing, it will strike a chord with curly girls with its intentional self-embracing storyline advocating love and gentleness towards natural hair.

Browni Locks and the Three Combs is a wilder condensed version of Monica’s own personal growth and hair journey that led her to get locks installed. In elementary school her hair was often straightened with a hot comb and braided up tightly on the weekends. Like many, she remembers shedding tears in the kitchen as she felt the hot grease roll and sizzle.

In middle school her hair was permed in a salon, and by high school she was buying her own boxed perms and doing them herself. Frequently putting strong chemicals in her hair for the bone-straight look led to hair damage. Eventually, the positive peer pressure of the natural hair community compelled her to embrace her own hair.

Yet, difficulties continued as she learned to manage her low density fine-textured coily hair in its loose natural state for the first time in her life. In time, she researched locks and learned that there are many different types: Sisterlocks©, traditional locks, dreadlocks, twist locks, braid locks, DIY locks, interlocks, and more. But most importantly, she discovered that this large community of people had long healthy hair that flourished naturally.

Her research led her to Sisterlocks©, a trademarked form of locks by Dr. Joanne Cornwell, affectionately known as Dr. C in the loc community. This form of locks appealed to Monica because of the standardized locking process bouyed by methodical training and certification of Sisterlocks© locticians. Monica was magnetized by the versatility of loc styles for women and the low maintenance of locs.

After Sisterlocks© were installed her hair blossomed. She had an epiphany, “I wish I knew about locs when I was younger.” Hence, Browni Locks and the Three Combs was born. It spreads positive awareness of locs as a natural option for low-maintenance, healthy hair. “Why didn’t I know that my hair could grow long and be healthy with minimal products and maintenance? Why am I just learning this so late in life?” Browni Locks and the Three Combs helps spread that information. It’s like a gift to the younger generation of kinky curly coily girls to inform and showcase what their hair can do naturally.

Browni Locks and the Three Combs is Monica’s first author-illustrator project. This relatable story is close to her heart, and the illustrations are vivid, soulful, and have a southern feel. She was raised in the small town of Eatonton, Georgia, the birthplace of a few well-known authors like Alice Walker and Joel Chandler Harris. Her first memories of writing stories and drawing pictures to go with them date back to elementary school. As a keepsake from elementary school, Monica still has the first complete story she wrote that was typed and edited by her mom.

Browni Locks is part of a unique series of books featuring a young girl with tiny locs. Look out for more positive stories. Find it at major retailers or visit for more information. For interviews or inquiries visit the Contact Us page on

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Watch Monica, author & illustrator, do some time-lapse illustrations for her children’s book spreading natural hair love and positivity about locks.