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Sustainable Packaging Alternative to Multi-Layer EVOH Containers

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BP Polymers, LLC is excited to announce a new grade of Kortrax® – Oxy70 – a mono-layer additive to PE, PP containers for oxygen barrier applications.

IRVINE, CA, 92606, March 8, 2022 / —
BP Polymers, LLC is excited to announce a new grade of Kortrax® – Oxy70 – for oxygen barrier applications. Kortrax® Oxy70 is a sustainable mono-layer oxygen barrier additive for either polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene containers (PP). It is an mono-layer alternative to EVOH multi-layer containers.

Kortrax® Oxy70 is an engineered polyamide that when blended with PE or PP is used in the manufacturing of plastic containers (aka Baritainers®) with oxygen barrier properties that PE or PP alone cannot provide. The Oxy70 grade adds the benefit of oxygen barrier as well as carbon dioxide and water vapor permeation inhibition.

In multiple independent studies, Kortrax® Oxy70 additive reduces oxygen transfer rates (OTR) of the base virgin resin of either PE or PP of up to 97% depending on the amount used. And unlike EVOH, Kortrax® Oxy70 is safely recycled in either Code 2 for PE or Code 5 for PP. Moreover, utilization of Kortrax® Oxy70 by container manufacturers requires minimal capital investment thereby reducing cost.

Kevin Callahan, COO of BP Polymers, LLC, states, ” Our customers have asked that we develop utilizing Kortrax® barrier technology, an oxygen grade version for various applications but especially in the food, pharmaceutical and health and beauty aid markets. Customers wanted an alternative to EVOH for their oxygen barrier applications that would be more sustainable and less subject to cost increases as well as supply chain pressures. EVOH has long been recognized as the preferred technology for shelf life durability in primarily food applications utilizing HDPE or PP packaging. However, for many customers Kortrax® Oxy70 offers a new alternative that is efficacious, sustainable and economical.”

BP Polymers, LLC partners with container manufacturers in presenting Kortrax® Oxy70 barrier technology to end users for various industries such as food, flavors, health and beauty aids. PE or PP containers produced by manufacturers utilizing Kortrax® Oxy70 are identified as Baritainers® and have a food safe UV tracer for visual confirmation of the presence of the Oxy70 additive.

Fluorine or fluorine compounds are not utilized when a Kortrax® resin grade is included within PE or PP containers, and recent analysis has not identified any PFAS, PFOS compounds in containers or filling goods stored in Kortrax® PE/PP constructed packages. None of the ingredients of Kortrax® have been identified as being on the list of OECD PFAS, PFOS precursors. And Kortrax® is FDA and EU compliant. (

ABOUT BP POLYMERS, LLC: BP Polymers was founded in 2009 after years of extensive materials research and product development. Based in CA and VA, BP Polymers is the sole US manufacturer of Kortrax® Barrier Resins. BP Polymers’ sister company, Barrier Plastics, Inc., is also located in CA and VA and is the home of Baritainers®. For more information, please visit us at

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