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Your Crystal Launches New Website 2022

Your Crystal Home Page

Your Crystal Home Page

Online Crystal Shop Australia

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, May 20, 2022 / — “Your Crystal” is an online Crystal Shop that was born with a philosophy to help their customers’ healing process to achieve greater wellbeing through the use of crystals. It is the best place to find items that will help anyone to equilibrate themselves.

Celebrating 4 years of online success, the brand has now released a new website to its valued customers. With more information and more products, the new website is promoting the brand well to the new age user. With a fantastic range of crystals in their store to suit every desire, from candles, accessories, water bottles with crystals, crystal sets to books that teach more about the meaning and power behind any crystal. Everyone can now expand their knowledge and love for the power and beauty of crystals by visiting this website.

All of their offered crystals are safe, non-toxic, and have been professionally cut and sealed! All crystals from them are rated higher than 5 on Moh’s hardness scale. This means that the crystals won’t break apart or dissolve when placed in water. Because one of their top-selling products is their crystal elixir which was designed for drinking water that is beautifully infused with the energies of the chosen crystal. Each crystal has different vibrational frequencies to assist with varying elements of our mind, body, and spirit. Certain emotional and physical symptoms are associated with particular crystals in order to help ourselves heal. So by placing the right crystal into your drinking water, these beneficial energetic properties will be transferred to the water and then onto the consumer!

Their new website also has a glossary of crystal meanings. For example, the Carnelian is a warm, vibrant and uplifting stone since it restores energy, motivation, and creativity. This amazing stone is great for boosting self-confidence and empowering ones’ self since it gives the fighting spirit to get through any situation. To find out more meanings of crystals, go to their website and check out the crystal meanings page, where they share a great amount of information for all their visitors for free.

Anyone who has a strong Instagram presence – particularly within the wellness space – is welcome to make contact since they’re always on the lookout for brand ambassadors to collaborate with.

Visit their website to expand the mind and soul with crystal products at the best online Crystal Shop Australia has to offer.

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