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Bethany Renee Williams chose Coachable as her next CMO role because she saw an Opportunity to Increase Diversity in tech

Bethany Renee Williams, New Chief Marketing Officer at Coachable [Formerly CodeBreakers]

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Coachable Logo from LinkedIn

With 13 years of widespread marketing experience, she could have easily accepted a role working at Netflix, Google, or Meta. Instead, she chose this startup.

I saw myself in these students and thought, this is an opportunity for me to help others who like my younger self, don’t have the resources or access to become software engineers.”

— Bethany Renee Williams

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2022 / — In a hiring market like the one we’re currently experiencing, candidates have the ability to be more selective about the roles they are choosing. Bethany took this opportunity to find a company she truly resonated with, where she saw an opportunity to help others. With 13 years of widespread marketing experience in several areas, she could have easily landed a role working at Netflix, Google, Disney, or even Meta. Instead, she chose Coachable, a startup committed to increasing diversity in tech regardless of someone’s educational background, resources, or connections. She didn’t like that many competitor companies require high levels of education, years of work experience, or ivy-league connections. Many people do not have access to these things but are great engineers that deserve jobs.

Bethany Renee Williams stated she applied for thousands of jobs and learned four things. “There are many jobs on the market, but not equally as many experienced candidates applying for those jobs. Even with this in mind, regardless of how qualified you are, many jobs will not book the first interview with you if you don’t apply through a recruiter, the computer hiring process is very broken.” This overly automated process showed her she wanted to remain in a start-up company with a better process and a more connected team. She also didn’t classify salary as the most important aspect of the job search, she was okay with working for a startup and taking $50,000 less a year as long as she believed in the mission of the company.

She ultimately chose a role at a 3-year-old company called CodeBreakers Academy founded by Darek Johnson, (whereas her first task, she led a rebranding campaign changing the name to Coachable). She initially chose this role because she liked the team and the mission of the company. Williams said, “Meshing with the team you interview with and the individuals you will interact with on a daily basis are very important to longevity and happiness in a role.” She also saw an opportunity to make a marketing impact and believed in the service they were offering. Many companies offered her jobs but she didn’t believe in the product or service enough to place her name in tandem with the company. However, the main reason she chose Coachable was that she liked and related to the mission statement of the company.

“I related to the struggle mentioned in the mission statement, I saw myself in these students and thought, wow I wish something like this could have existed for me 10 years ago. This is the greatest opportunity for me to help others like me who don’t have the resources or access to become software engineers. The work a student must do at Coachable is hard and dedicated, but it’s worth it, and those with backgrounds like mine aren’t afraid of hard work.”

Bethany came from humble beginnings, her family, from Appalachia, wasn’t one with wealth or connections. Coming from a very poor background, struggling to afford college, and grappling with the family friction and controversy surrounding her sexual identity she has a soft spot in her heart for helping others with tough pasts.

She also felt drawn to help foreign students after experiencing the difficulty facing these students firsthand. Her partner is from China and had a tough experience finding an OPT job once she completed her Master’s degree. “The process is complicated, confusing, and most students whether local or foreign aren’t fully prepared for the application and interviewing process” said Bethany Renee Williams while describing her frustration at the lack of preparation colleges provide their students. She saw Coachable as the missing piece that she wanted all students to have access to. Bethany said “Many students graduate and don’t know where to apply, how to apply effectively, and get very nervous during interviews. Where colleges are letting their students down we step up to offer help. Before taking this position with Coachable I actually coached my partner through her process, teaching her how to build a resume, how to network with recruiters, and ultimately guiding her to land a great job in medical research and music therapy.”

Coachable is a company that mentors students with software engineering experience and coaches them through applications, interviews, and intense coding practice. “The intense and dedicated process helped over 200 students get jobs at FAANG level companies this past year. The company has a 94% success rate and the students that go through the program typically land jobs paying $144k a year.” Williams stated these were the statistics that impressed her when considering the role and potential impact.

Now she’s committed to spreading awareness about the existence of this service and guiding college students to find jobs at FAANG companies. Bethany Renee Williams a lesbian woman who has worked in the tech sector since 2015 sees an opportunity to increase diversity in tech, and hopes to use her influence to make this happen.

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This news story originally appeared at Lifestyle - Trend Magazine on 31 May 2022