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Court Reporting Newcomer REC Reporting Announces May Madness Discount

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Building on a unique pricing model, REC Reporting is ready to take client orders.

The goal is a qualified stenographer covering every job. Every firm and practitioner that supports that goal can potentially become a part of our network.”

— Christopher Day, Registered Professional Reporter

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2022 / — REC Reporting, Inc. is a relative newcomer to the court reporting & stenotype services industry, the $3 billion market that addresses the transcription of depositions and legal proceedings in the United States. REC Reporting reimagines the page rate model prevalent in court reporting and rolls its services into a $516 deposition hourly that wraps together the time spent at the proceeding as well as the time spent transcribing the proceeding.

For the rest of May 2022, REC Reporting will be offering its services for $400 an hour, a discount of close to 22 percent, in what the company is calling “May Madness.” Christopher Day, Chief Executive Officer of the startup, expounded on the business, “our model deletes copy charges. When consumers split the bill with us, they always save money.” Day continued, “what better way to communicate that we want to bring down court reporting costs for consumers than to present this great offer?”

The court reporting industry typically achieves recordation through three distinct methods. The gold standard is stenotype machine shorthand, or stenography, as it allows the simultaneous taking and transcription of the spoken word. Voice writers, operators that speak into a voice-to-text transcription program and specific voice profile, are also available. Then there are digital reporters, operators that digitally record the testimony, take assistive notes for the transcriber, and monitor the audio recording process. The expansion of digital court reporting, also known as electronic recording and transcribing, has taken place in recent years as a means to address a stenographer shortage forecasted in 2013, but stenographers like Day have tried to warn the legal community that the method is often less accurate and less reliable than a stenographic court reporter.

The firm is also gathering a list of New York-based deposition reporters. Freelancer stenographic court reporters interested in being placed on the list should contact REC Reporting immediately. The list will be used to assist REC in guaranteeing coverage in New York State. It may also be shared with partner firms and/or consumers in New York. “The goal is a qualified stenographer covering every job. Every firm and practitioner that supports that goal can potentially become a part of our network.”

REC Reporting’s transparent pricing model stands out in an industry famous for its pricing opacity. The company has not yet announced whether the May Madness discount will extend into June 2022.

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REC Reporting, Inc.
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