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Ego Fox Develops 3D NFT Character Project Sculpted from Scratch

The mastermind behind the project is renowned Florida tattoo artist, Eigleer Nunes.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2022 / — The developer of Ego Fox, Eigleer Nunes, is pleased to announce the launch of his 3D NFT character project that he singlehandedly sculpted from scratch.

Ego Fox is a brand-new 3D NFT character project that boasts unique, one-of-a-kind NFT foxes that vary in style and personality. Whether paying tribute to an item, icon, cultural motif, or anything that creates a distinctive persona for each fox, each character is an artistic contribution to the theme, trait, or persona it embodies. The collection features 2,222 exclusive collectable 3D sculpted characters backed by non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

“Our team has created a super cool 3D NFT project with characters modeled from scratch,” says Eigleer. “We have been building our holder community since November of last year and it has turned into an incredibly tight knit community with tons of loyal members who appreciate the artwork. Initially, we had a different character in our NFTs, but a very large company took notice of our project and claimed it was too similar to a character of theirs, so we got shut down everywhere – on Open Sea, our previous Twitter account, everything. It was truly devastating for us.”

“But, despite this obstacle, we were not going to be ones to let our holders and community members down, so we completely transformed the project and created a completely new original character, opened up a new website, social media spaces, and are continuing to deliver all the previous project promises that continue to be within our team’s capabilities,” Eigleer continues. “Today, our community is stronger than ever, and our supporters had our back as much as we had theirs. Everyone continues to patiently wait for the new artwork to be released and updated for project sales to keep growing.”

What sets Ego Fox apart from other projects, however, is that the team intends to donate 15% of Eigleer’s personal profit to charity. More specifically, proceeds will be sent to an organization called Operation Smile, which is dedicated to performing cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries for individuals in underprivileged conditions.

Additionally, as Eigleer is a celebrated Florida tattoo artist, he will be offering discounted tattoo sessions to those who are holders of multiple Ego Fox NFTs – with some sessions being valued at $1,800.

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About Ego Fox

Ego Fox was founded by popular tattoo artist, Eigleer Nunes, as a way to showcase his exceptional artistic talents. The project offers a tight knit community of members that feel like family – all while appreciating stunning quality 3D artwork, body art giveaways, and premium discounts.

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Ego Fox
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