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GOP Leaders on The Michael Levitis Show Discuss Redistricting ahead of the Elections

Michael Levitis Radio Show

Ted Ghorra and Richie Barsamian on the Michael Levitis Show

Ted Ghorra and Richie Barsamian on the Michael Levitis Show

Brooklyn GOP Leaders on the Michael Levitis Show

Brooklyn GOP Leaders on the Michael Levitis Show

Brooklyn Republican Party Chairman Ted Ghorra and VP Chair for Campaigns Richard Barsamian discussed redistricting, gun control, and other important issues.

We saw in the past year or two, how the Russian speaking vote really began to count more and more”

— Michael Levitis

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 7, 2022 / — Ahead of the elections, Brooklyn Republican Party Chairman Ted Ghorra and VP Chair for Campaigns Richard Barsamian appeared on The Michael Levitis Show that features on Radio Freedom, FM 104.7.

Redistricting was one of the major things discussed during the show, and a good time was spent highlighting other topics, too, such as Gun Control, Russian-speaking Candidates, and State Governorship races.

The Brooklyn Republic Party representatives began the talks by discussing their duties. The show soon entered the mainstream as Michael Levitis picked the latest news about redistricting maps.

A few weeks ago, the maps were redrawn, which is an automatic process that takes place every ten years.

Ted Ghorra explained how the events of redistricting unfold and went on to speak about how an Independent Redistricting Committee that comprises both democrats and republicans proposes the district lines based on the census.

In the recent event of redistricting, Ted Ghorra said that the maps put forward by the Independent Redistricting Committee couldn’t clear the super majority as mandatory, and the Assembly and the Senate sat down to make their own maps. Though they were allowed to do it, it was found that the maps drawn were unfair, and the same was challenged in the court.

During the trial, the New York Court of Appeals, which is the highest court in New York, stated it was an unfair and unconstitutional act, and the task of drawing the maps was then given to someone appointed by the trial judge.

Ted continued speaking about how the ruling party tried to draw the lines in their favor.

As the conversations followed, Michael took the chance and asked Ted about who was going to be the Republican nominee in the race for governor, replying to which Ted put forward the name of Lee Zeldin.

It is interesting to know that out of the four names – Lee Zeldin, Rob Astorino, from Westchester County, Harry Wilson, and Andrew Giuliani, Lee Zeldin has become the party’s nominee.

During the past two years, the vote of the Russian-speaking community has started playing a considerable role in Brooklyn politics.

On asking about the effect of Russian speakers on politics, Ted said that it is because the Republican party is engaging with the communities on the ground and raising issues that people face, irrespective of the communities they come from.

Ted exclaimed the success of the Republican party in last year’s election when the party won a City Council seat in Brighton Beach Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach, with Inna Vernikov, who’s of Russian-speaking Ukrainian descent.

And he linked the success to how well the party is performing in establishing connections with people from all backgrounds and supported his words with another example of Curtis Silwa, who secured 60% votes for the party in 6 assembly districts.

The Republican Party Chairman also said that all their candidates resonate with the issues that the party wants to raise and resolve. Some of them are – inflation, crime, cost of living, high taxes, low quality of life, and restrictions placed on academic school choice.

He further informed the listeners of the show about the party’s Russian-speaking candidates.

The list starts with Dimitri Kugel running for the 47th assembly, Alec Brook Krasny, running in areas of Coney Island, from Seagate to parts of Brighton Beach and a small sliver of Bath beach, and some parts of Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge.

Michael Novakhov for the 45th assembly district, Sergei Fedorov, running for New York State Senate seat number 23, and Yura Dashevsky, running for the eighth Congressional District.

On being asked about the initiatives of the Republican party to help small business owners, Ted relayed the conversation by explaining the party’s plans for eliminating issues like inflation, regulations, and others from the same domain.

Further, Michael sparked one of the most important discussions about gun control in Brooklyn, to which Richie Barsamian replied that the laws are perfectly placed, but there is an urgent need to fight the repeated offenders.

Richie said – “We need to restore the ability of the police department and our judges to keep repeat violent criminal offenders off the streets.”

The Michael Levitis Show on Radio Freedom, FM 104.7 covers news related to business and politics for the Russian speaking community in New York.

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Brooklyn GOP Leaders Ted Ghorra and Barsamian on the Michael Levitis Show

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