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H3 HomeBuyers Helps Old Neighborhoods Reclaim Their Lost Glory

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Before and After Kitchen

Before and After Kitchen

H3 Homebuyers Team

H3 Homebuyers Team

Ohio-based H3 HomeBuyers makes quick cash offers for homes that need to be sold quickly without any realtor fees, commissions, or online listings.

Nearly 80% of senior citizens will own most homes in 2022 with more than 79% of people aged 65 and above being the homeowners.”


XENIA, OHIO, UNITED STATES, May 13, 2022/ — Homeowners might need to sell their property in a hurry due to reasons such as inherited properties that are becoming too expensive to maintain or the need to quickly relocate. In such circumstances, property owners often turn to nearby real estate agents or put up their homes for sale online. Either of these options can present an unforeseen waiting period along with unplanned costs, commissions, and the need to compete with other similar properties that are up for sale in the neighborhood. H3 Homebuyers provide an easier alternative. Its home-buying service is driven by making fair price cash offers that are particularly helpful for people who want to sell their house quickly. Lately, the H3 team has been buying many heritage properties across Ohio, replenishing these once-glorious homes and restoring their lost glory.

Statistics published by highlight that nearly 80% of senior citizens will own most homes in 2022 with more than 79% of people aged 65 and above being the homeowners

There are many unwanted properties, homes that are no longer cared for, and struggle to find a buyer for a fair price. Often seniors with chronic health issues and those who don’t have an inheritance for their home want to sell their property quickly but struggle to find a stress-free medium to do so. Other hard-to-sell homes include aging properties with outdated construction plans, homes that have been rendered non-functional by damages suffered in a natural calamity like a storm, and others that demand extensive repairs. As a result, many neighborhoods are plagued with properties that need to be bought, overhauled, and fully restored. However, such properties seldom invite a good buying price with many profiteering businesses trying to buy the property cheap, citing it is unworthy of getting a fair market price.

H3 HomeBuyers is the emerging solution for such homes. Often described as a ‘we buy houses’ type of company, it is a family-owned business that continues to identify and buy many such properties with the promise of a competitive price. This helps stressed homeowners as they get a good price for their home while the restoration and relisting of the home helps to engage local businesses in the area, revitalizing the neighborhood and contributing a bit to the local economy.

While buying & selling a home online is common, it is not as easy as it seems. There is always a risk of under-quoting or over-pricing as these platforms come without the guidance that is necessary to make a home-for-sale stand apart and attract real buyers. Real estate listings tend to get many queries and often, the phone calls and emails come without serious intent to buy. Selling a home online can be very time-consuming as the online listing needs to be updated with many details apart from the need to provide an entire portfolio of images. The listing needs to be well described since it will be competing in a crowd of similar houses from the same neighborhood or nearby locations.

H3 HomeBuyers provides an easy way for a homeowner to sell the property without the usual process that involves creating an online property listing. There is no need to constantly check the offers and identify the genuine ones. With H3 HomeBuyers, there is no listing fee, and there is no need to buy a subscription plan that many online real estate platforms offer.

Working with local realtors can be as demanding as trying to sell a home online. The real estate market is big on agents who scout for homes that are struggling to find a genuine buyer. This typically includes properties that have run into legal complications due to pre-foreclosures, unwanted rentals, troublesome tenants, divorce proceedings, running behind on mortgage payments, probate properties, and tax liens. Similarly, houses that are up for sale due to bankruptcy, issues with the title, taxation problems, or those that have run into a serious violation of a city code are usually the hardest to sell. Such property owners are more susceptible to being overwhelmed by real estate agents who offer a magical cure for their problems. However, there are many problems once the agent starts taking over the buying process.

For starters, there is a hefty commission. This can be as much as 5% of the sale price of the home. The agent might not reveal the market comparisons for similar houses and might even demand some repairs done under the guise of making the house more saleable. More problems can arise when the realtor starts scheduling home visits, often in the most uncomfortable manner, and might even insist on staging the house for visits and inspections. Throughout the process, the property owner has little control over the proceedings, and still, there is little clarity about how soon the house will be sold.

“Thank you so much! It was an absolute pleasure working with Dan and Ryan. From the moment I contacted them, they were exceptionally helpful, honest, and knowledgeable. They answered all my questions, and I was able to sell my house stress-free in a matter of weeks” – a happy home seller, Chelsey M

H3 Homebuyers reviews suggest that people prefer a home-buying process that deals directly with a homeowner. It is a simple buying mechanism that involves no agents or commission fees. The ideal option for anyone who wants to sell their house fast, the H3 team pays the entire closing cost and there is nothing hidden in the fine print. The cash offers are made with transparency and the entire process might be completed within just two property visits. Homeowners get the benefit of not negotiating the terms with real estate agents with clarity about a closing date, and without worrying to pay for any repairs.

Home sellers often associate more credibility and trust with home-buying enterprises that have a local presence. H3 Homebuyers has nationwide operations, but it excels in closing out cash-for-home deals across Ohio. It has the reputation of being a family-run enterprise that is ready to buy homes that have traditionally struggled to find any buyer. This has helped many homeowners in Ohio sell their property in a hurry and still get a fair price along with the trust of dealing with a local home buyer.

About H3 Homebuyers

H3 Homebuyers is a real estate solutions provider and an investment firm. A trusted, veteran-owned, and family-run company, it specializes in buying homes across Ohio and the country. The company helps to sell a house fast for cash, including homes that need to be sold quickly for different reasons, such as divorce and family disputes to foreclosures, or houses that offer little or no equity. Positioned as one of Ohio’s most trusted home-buying service providers, the company offers a transparent and compassionate home-selling experience without any realtor fees, commissions, or hidden details.

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