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The Innovative, Essential Collaboration Tool for Remote Teams

Cubo is a highly-rated new SaaS product that brings remote teams together in one place.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 7, 2022 / — B2B startup Cubo is pleased to announce the launch of its flagship SaaS product, Cubo: a virtual office designed to improve team collaboration by bringing members together in one location, conveniently migrating business connections from offline to online. According to Cubo spokesperson Steffi, the new product will greatly reduce the friction of team collaborations and business cooperation.

“During the pandemic and even post-pandemic, many organizations have struggled with maintaining good collaboration within their remote team,” says Steffi. “Lack of good communication leads to a lack of good synchronization. That’s why we decided to build this virtual space to connect remote teams from whatever location they are in.”

Cubo offers an all-in-one integrated platform to fix any issues remote teams may encounter. With Cubo, users can feel the vibrating life of a real office, sense the engagement again and the positive work atmosphere back.

Total Visibility

Users can capture the real-time status of their staff with a single glance at the panel, which shows who is logged in, who is engaged in one-on-one conversations, who is in a group discussion, which meetings are scheduled, and what schemes are coming up. Cubo provides the user with full transparency, bringing back the trust which is essential for any team to function effectively. Team leaders feel that they are back in control again as they are no longer blind to how their teams are working and team members no longer feel the anxiety of not being trusted by their leaders.


This feature enables seamless, fast, and easy communication. With the visibility offered by the panel, the user will know straight away if the person they want to talk to is available, without fear of interrupting them. One-on-one conversations can also be converted into group meetings by simply dragging a co-worker’s avatar and including it in the discussion. TapChat is a powerful tool replacing endless meetings with a 2-minute conversation. All the user needs to do is to click on the avatar and start an instant discussion.

Meeting Hub

Eliminating the need to send an invitation or link and await confirmation, users can simply create a new meeting, add participants, and have their avatars dragged immediately into the meeting room. Time-saving and speeding up the decision-making process, this app also delivers a powerful all-in-one communication tool, complete with built-in audio, video, text messaging, and file sharing. Meetings are simplified and easy to join.


This feature enables the user to join and just listen without disturbing the discussion. Listen-In is a non-interference function and a practical way for leaders to grasp front-line information and is an invaluable asset to keep track of the ongoing processes. In case the conversation is private, the lock function is available.

Social Lounge

It is important and even necessary to take a break for mental refreshment during a day’s work. Cubo embraces this mindset and has included the Social Lounge which is an area where users can have some timeout and, more importantly, bond with teammates, chitchat, and even engage in virtual fun activities.

Although there are already existing products that improve internal collaboration at different levels, what Cubo offers more in terms of significant benefits is the combination of real-time and long-standing connections.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, we were greatly inspired by the movie “Ready Player One” on virtual reality,” adds Steffi. “What if we could adapt it to the future of work? That’s how we created Cubo. We have the firm belief that everything will be online and remote in a digital/virtual world in the future, bringing with it higher efficiency, more freedom, and more possibilities. Cubo is here to bring its contribution to this revolution that has already been happening and to speed up the process.”

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About the Company

Founded by Leo Ye, a serial entrepreneur with a pioneering spirit and an innovative mind, Cubo is an online virtual office ahead of its time, aimed at bringing remote and hybrid teams together in one place. Created to help organizations reach optimal levels in terms of collaboration and productivity, the Cubo team strongly believes that new paradigms will unfold in the future of work, and is on a mission to partner with and accompany adherents of the virtual workspace industry.

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This news story originally appeared at Lifestyle - Trend Magazine on 9 June 2022