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the sad life of kylie jenner

Let’s take a peek behind the highlight reel of Kylie Jenner. What is her life REALLY like (hint: it’s probably not as perfect as you’d think) For 50% off your first Care/of order, visit and use code STEPHANIE

Here’s the links to the disturbing KUWTK episodes I wasn’t allowed to put in the video:
– Kylie being ignored whilst Kendall is given modelling career:
– Kendall and Kylie making a ‘girls gone wild’ video:

Poor little Kylie Jenner. She may be an (almost… kind of… maybe) billionaire, but aside from money, it seems like Kylie’s life might have been pretty empty. There’s only so much joy you can get from a room full of designer handbags and expensive clothes, when all you want is the love of your family, real friendships and a normal life. So often we think these influencers and celebrities have everything. Perfect life, perfect body, perfect face, perfect relationship – yet that is SO rarely the case. So let’s take a look behind the highlight reel of social media, and look into the real life aspects of being Kylie Jenner. From plastic surgery, to losing friendships, to feeling like the odd one out in her family – it definitely aint all sunshine and roses.

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