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Why Kirsten Dunst Didn’t Expect To Fall For Jesse Plemons | Rumour Juice

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Who doesn’t love a good romance story about an on-screen couple that becomes a real-life couple? Well, Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons have that love story going for them. From playing husband and wife on-screen to finally being able to tie the knot after being engaged for almost five years. Sit tight while we take a dive into how Kirsten and Jesse fell in love and how she couldn’t ignore the instant connection she felt with him … even though she was already in a serious relationship.

0:00 kirsten dunst garrett hedlund break up
2:03 jesse plemons kirsten dunst how they met
2:53 kirsten dunst jesse plemons proposal
3:45 kirsten dunst jesse plemons baby
5:06 jesse plemons kirsten dunst walk of fame
6:21 jesse plemons kirsten dunst power of the dog
8:07 kirsten dunst jesse plemons relationship

Why Kirsten Dunst Didn’t Expect To Fall For Jesse Plemons | Rumour Juice

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