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Wooden Diploma Frame by Smart&Proud Launches on Amazon

The diploma frame comes with a gift box

A new promising brand Smart&Proud has recently announced the Amazon launch of its freshly maiden diploma frame, for all types of diplomas and certificates.

LOS ANGELES, USA, April 3, 2022 / — Smart&Proud is pleased to announce that its debut product the Smart&Proud diploma frame is now up for sale on Amazon. The frame is made from real high-quality wood and can be used for all types of diplomas, as it is available in sizes of 8.5 inches x11 inches, and 14 inches x11 inches, with and without mat respectively. Each frame comes with uniquely designed gift packaging and can be an excellent gift when celebrating an especially proud moment.

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The founder of the brand, Lilyanna Ratliff, has a touching background story behind the creation of the Smart&Proud certificate frame. She was a stay at home mom for 10 years with a loving husband and two adorable kids. However, as with many others, COVID-19 happens to Lilyanna losing her husband and forcing her to take up a housekeeper’s job in the neighborhood to make ends meet.

“One day I came back home after a hard day’s work when my youngest 5-year old son asked me: “Why don’t you smile anymore, mommy? Is it because of daddy? You will not smile ever again?” This was it. My little boy made me realize that it could not continue anymore. This life is not mine. I can do better. I can and I want to smile again! For my sons and for me,” she recalls.

This is when she decided to return to her studies in spite of her demanding work schedule. With ups and downs, she pursued through her education and received a well-deserved diploma. The value of this degree was boundless for Lilyanna and her family, and therefore she wanted a high-quality frame that would remind her of what she came through on her way to success.

Unfortunately, her tight budget couldn’t afford the perfect frame for herself which led to Lilyanna Ratliff making her own degree frame. With a team of friends from her online classes she designed and built a high-quality wooden diploma frame that anyone who dreams big, like herself, can afford.

This certificate frame is a delicate piece of work that makes for a perfect gift for anyone celebrating a Graduation Day in their lives. The tempered glass frame makes sure that the frame remains sturdy and long-lasting, framing your best moment for years to come while the solid wood finish gives the certificate frame an air of gravitas and class.

“I believe every student who has gained his/her degree with so much effort should be proud of how smart they are. Now my diploma looks gorgeous framed in my own Smart&Proud frame,” she says.

To find out more about Smart&Proud and its maiden product, please visit the company’s official website.

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