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Wozz! Trio of Globally Inspired Cooking Sauces Win Big at National Food Awards

Wozz Trio of Globally Inspired Cooking Sauces. Korean BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich made with Wozz Korean BBQ Sauce.

Wozz! Korean Raspberry Gochujang BBQ Sauce, Vietnamese Dipping Sauce and North African Chermoula Cooking Sauce all took home the coveted gold in 3 categories.

BETHLEHEM, NH, May 13, 2022 / — Wozz! Kitchen Creations, a NH based specialty foods company has earned the specialty foods industry’s highest honor, the prestigious sofi™ Gold award for 3 of its globally inspired cooking sauces spanning 3 categories. A Vietnamese inspired dipping sauce, A Korean inspired raspberry gochujang barbecue sauce and a lemony bold Moroccan cooking sauce all took home the coveted gold.

Nearly 2000 Products Competed for the Specialty Food Association’s Top Honors

GOLD Winner: Vietnamese Green Tea & Mint Dipping Sauce, Dressing & Marinade – A Vietnamese dipping sauce better known as nuoc cham, with the unexpected twist of organic green tea, fresh mint, sweetened lime and chili. The multipurpose sauce, described as sweet, yet savory and tangy can be used to marinate grilled chicken and shrimp, as a dressing for noodle salads and for dipping spring rolls.

Category: Condiment, Marinade and Dressing

GOLD Winner: Korean Raspberry Gochujang BBQ Sauce – A Korean inspired barbecue sauce infused with tart raspberries, toasted sesame, organic tamari, fresh garlic and umami rich gochujang chili. The sauce is designed for dishes including Korean style grilled steak, beef bulgogi, pulled pork and glazed salmon.

Category: Barbecue Sauce

GOLD Winner: North African Chermoula Sauce – A bold and bright fusion of fresh lemon, cilantro, ginger and simmered spices including cumin, paprika and saffron. The traditional Moroccan cooking sauce can be used for fish, tagine, chicken, lamb, couscous, roasted vegetables and lentils.

Category: Sauce

“We are sincerely honored to be awarded 3 sofi™ Gold awards,” says Warrick Dowsett, former Sydney Australia trained chef and owner of Wozz! Kitchen Creations. “We always strive for excellence in each product we make, focusing on fresh local ingredients, thoughtful layering of spices, acidity and herbs and attention to all those fine details that create intricate and delicious flavor profiles. Winning a sofi™ award is a true testament to our dedication to making sauces and condiments of the highest quality and we are very grateful for the recognition.” says Warrick.

About Wozz!

Wozz! Kitchen Creations is a specialty foods company based in the White Mountains of NH. The company produces a line of globally influenced cooking sauces, grilling sauces, marinades and chutneys, a line of savory jams and spreads for cheese and charcuterie pairings and a line of slow infused vinegars and cocktail mixers. Using fresh local non gmo ingredients and custom blended aromatics, Wozz has been praised by industry leaders, award winning chefs and fine food purveyors for their exceptional flavor profiles, innovation and quality consistency. The company was founded by Warrick Dowsett and his wife Ashley Thompson in 2010. Prior to starting the company, Warrick spent nearly a decade working as a private luxury yacht chef in Europe, Asia and Central America.

“Our goal at Wozz is for people to take a memorable culinary experience and be able to recreate it at home. From Cambodian noodles to Korean steak to chermoula couscous with braised lamb, all you need is a few ingredients and a bottle or jar of Wozz.” – Warrick “Wozz” Dowsett (owner and chef of Wozz)

Wozz! Kitchen Creations has received a total of 16 sofi™ awards in the past 10 years making them one of the most awarded young specialty food companies in the industry.

The Specialty Food Association (SFA) has been the leading trade association in the $170.4 billion specialty food industry for 70 years. The SFA is known for its fancy food shows and the sofi™ awards, which have honored excellence in specialty food and beverage for 50 years.

Wozz! Kitchen Creations growing line of specialty foods can be found at independent retailers across the country and online at

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