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First Of Its Kind Digital Art And NFT Platform

First of its kind Digital Art and NFT platform – Sugar Glider Digital

Aims to transform empty screens into works of art

Sugar Glider Digital is a first-of-its-kind Digital Art Agency and curated marketplace, this latest venture by leading art and culture consultant Emilya Colliver, uses blockchain technology to protect artist Intellectual Property. With a team of curators, consultants, and advisors behind her – the new platform aims to debunk the confusion around NFTs and connect emerging and established artists with public and private clients looking for creative digital art solutions to fill empty or unused screens.

Saltation by Sam Price
Dexus, 180 Flinders Street, Melbourne
Photo credit Hilary Walker

”What I’m really trying to change is how the corporate, commercial world can support artists. We always give our clients a long list of artists, and we include people from different backgrounds, culturally diverse and Indigenous artists, and we always try to use new artists. Our city is very homogenized because the same architect, the same artist is being used all the time. What about the underdog?” – Colliver, 2022

Infrared Ambience by Babekuhl 80 Collins Street, Melbourne Photo credit Hilary Walker
Infrared Ambience by Babekuhl
80 Collins Street, Melbourne
Photo credit Hilary Walker

So why NFTs? Well, the idea arose when Colliver, who has been working in the art world for over 20 years, began recognizing a shift in the culture sphere towards the digital space. But as she began to explore the NFT realm further, she noticed a lack of awareness and trust in procuring digital art on the blockchain, as well as cluttered NFT marketplaces that confused buyers. Leveraging many years of experience from Art Pharmacy and working on digital art projects in the private and public spaces, Colliver created Sugar Glider Digital to remove the complexities in acquiring digital art, maintaining focus on the physical domain, and incorporating digital art to foster community and connection.

Sugar Glider Digital was selected by Brinc in partnership with Animoca Brands as part of the Launchpad Luna accelerator program; a platform that supports startups and forsters NFT innovation in various fields including arts, culture and entertainment.

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This news story originally appeared at Entertainment News - on 15 June 2022