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From Ashes to New – Panic (Official Music Video)

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Official music video for ‘Panic’ by From Ashes to New.
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From Ashes to New – Panic (Lyrics)

From the outside looking in
Yeah you see a smile on my face
But itʼs so different from what it is
This cruel and unusual punishment
I try to stop the thoughts but end up doing it all again
Itʼs a dark cloud over my head
It changes how I see life till I forget how to live
Till I forget what I am
Is it the devil within?
Or is it panic that Iʼm living just to see how it ends?

Is there nothing but this feeling inside?
Got me acting like Iʼm outta my mind
Canʼt breathe canʼt sleep Iʼm fine
I tell myself Iʼm fine

But Iʼm gone
Iʼm caught in a panic
Iʼm lost and Iʼm damaged
Canʼt find my way
All I want
Is someone to save me
Cuz I am fading and I canʼt escape (this life)

Every night Iʼve been losing sleep
Getting chased by the feeling thatʼs taking over me
Iʼm in a panic
And Iʼm lost inside the static
Getting buried alive with the skeletons in the attic
Can I let it go or let it take me to the grave yeah
Iʼd give it all just to make it go away yeah
I burn a hole in my soul when I pray
I got one inside the chamber and itʼs calling out my name

Feel like Iʼm losing my mind
I feel like Iʼm losing my mind
And I pretend that Iʼm fine
But Iʼm losing my mind
Iʼm losing my fucking mind
I pretend that Iʼm fine inside
But Iʼm losing my fucking mind
I pretend that Iʼm fine but Iʼm buried alive
And Iʼm losing my fucking mind

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