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Mackenzie Thompson Shows How to Travel and Earn Money at The Same Time

TheMacLyf in YouTube Studio

Using the power of e-commerce and more specifically Facebook Marketplace, Mackenzie believes anyone can make 6 figures per year online.

Constant repetition carries conviction ”

— Robert Collier

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, March 14, 2022 / — There is a fast growing and emerging group of entrepreneurs who have started appearing online recently, “digital nomads”. Nomads focus on not only building online businesses , but travelling around the world filming content at the same time. Mackenzie Thompson, also known as “TheMacLyf”, is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the nomad industry, after having built multiple businesses online to earn over six figures per year whilst travelling.

As a child, Mackenzie grew up in a family who lived by selling products at markets and in their little home-town hardware store. He would spend his time selling to people for small commissions at local markets and learned the “art of selling” extremely fast. At age 20, after losing his job Mackenzie decided to launch his first online business and was able to find quick success leveraging Facebook Marketplace as a selling platform. Mackenzie recalls spending up to 12 hours per day on his laptop posting products from various websites into Facebook Marketplace, negotiating sales via messages and “closing deals”.

“Consistency is the dealmaker quality that transforms the average seller into a successful business person”, say’s Mackenzie. TheMacLyf always says that an entrepreneur can only make it big if he really falls in love with his work and makes sure to show discipline throughout the struggles. In the online business world there are many challenges that one will come across and without consistency and discipline, it will be very easy to give up. This is particularly harder for the travelling digital nomad as challenges may leave the entrepreneur with no money in a foreign and unfamiliar country.

To help entrepreneurs overcome these struggles through community and council, Mackenzie is currently focused on his networking group called “The Hive Mind” where he not only provides teaching such as selling on Facebook Marketplace, but connects budding entrepreneurs in a chatroom where they can call on each other for help and motivation. The life of a digital nomad may seem like a dream for many but without consistency, the right network and the discipline to see it through the hard times, Mackenzie believes only a small percentage of people can ever be successful within this realm.

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