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Tuscan company brings the essence of La Dolce Vita to international film lovers

Actor Sebastiano Somma in The Lady

A lyrical family film set in the Tuscan countryside

Tuscan film producers promote the beauty of La Dolce Vita and the historical, cultural, and natural wonders of Italy through unique storytelling.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, March 13, 2022 / — Picture Tuscany; the beautiful rolling hills, the crystal blue ocean, the array of cultural beauty that attractions millions of people from around the world.

Wouldn’t she be marvelous to capture on screen? The owners of production company Fair Play certainly think so and have made it the core of its mission statement.

Founded in 2016 by world-renowned director and producer duo Fabrizio Guarducci and Matteo Cichero, Fair Play has used its Tuscan backdrop and Italian roots to continue the long tradition of Italian Cinema. Italian film always finds its place in major festivals and Award ceremonies and its’ no coincidence.

There is a wide variety of movie projects of different styles and genres that Fair Play brings to the audience. Recently out for US release is their family adventure story Sea of Wheat (Mare di Grano), about the power of imagination in children, starring the great and beloved Italian acting legend Ornella Muti, with a moving score by Pino Donaggio, often found in the soundtracks of Brian De Palma films. Just coming out of a successful release in Italy and soon in North America is the drama The Lady (La Sconosciuta), a heavier film about grief and loss, and the ultimate need for human connection, starring renowned actor Sebastiano Somma.

Fair Play is committed to showcasing the uniqueness of Italian cinema and is expanding its reach into television series and adaptations of critically acclaimed books such as THE FIFTH FACE authored by Guarducci himself.

Champions of a new era “Lorenzo de ‘Medici ” Press is their publishing house which focuses on “autonomous, independent and future-oriented publishing.” The publishing house is committed to accessible knowledge and stories and publishes dozens of securities per year.

Fair Play also supports other filmmakers and corporations, as the company strongly believes in collaboration. Their services include casting, production planning, location scouting and management, accommodation services, crew – booking and contracts, shooting, post-production, sound editing, and much more. Fairplay is involved from the spark of the idea to the first-midnight premiere.

And their commitment has paid off. Fair play’s films have prestigious track records, including being shown at the Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno, the Milan International Film Festival, and the Terre di Siena International Film Festival. At the Terre di Siena International Film Festival, supporting actress Donatella Pompadour won for her work in Sea of Wheat.

Now represented in the United States by Alexia Melocchi of Little Studio Films, Fair Play hopes to distinguish itself on the national and international scene. And they hope to do this by spreading the stunning beauty and the epic stories that Italy has to offer.

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