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How does one launch a new album, product, and social club simultaneously; all during a pandemic? Simple. By keeping the creator communities connected.

If you want a seat at the table, you have to bring something to it. What that looks, sounds, tastes, or feels like is the fun part – It’s really as simple as that.”

— Thom Vest, Founder of Studio Seven Consulting

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2022 / — Navigating the global impact of COVID-19 and its aftermath has been one of the biggest marketing challenges of our time. Virtually every industry has had to adapt to new ways of working to keep operations running; often resulting in empty offices, canceled product launches, and countless postponed tours, concerts, and events. As soon as business came surging back over the last several months, headlines about the recent NFT, Crypto, and ‘Metaverse’ booms began to also drastically change the Social & Digital marketing landscapes as we knew them. While the Pandemic and the many recent tech advances may have completely flipped the script on what the “givens” of any given industry, product category, and the world at large were almost overnight; the landscape of Studio Seven Consulting’s new interactive event series displays clear and consistent themes of the importance of community-building and collaboration over competition.

Laura Khoudari, co-founder of Ladybug Potions and one of the event’s sponsors, thinks this fresh approach is exactly what the industry has been missing all along. “In the past, each of these events would have been held totally separately – one party for an album launch, another solely to sample out our new products to influencers, and then a tasting event for the food and liquor brands somewhere else. But by doing these events as a collective with other teams whose vision and interests align with our own, we all have an opportunity to be a part of something bigger and build something more meaningful.” Cilia Fishman, Laura’s partner at Ladybug Potions added “It’s just so exciting to see people of this caliber react to our product at an event like this. There’s so many different things going on, so much to see – it’s crazy. Nobody really knows what to expect when they first walk in to these, and for a new brand like ours, getting feedback and support like this from so many wonderfully talented people is so exciting.”

With an impressive array of content, campaigns and product launches for industry titans like RXBAR, Whole Foods, and Microsoft; alongside album launches for artists like Lizzo, Bakar, Ben Abraham and many more already under their belt; Studio Seven Consulting has become known for helping great brands and creators build better tools, systems, and strategies to take their products and projects to the next level. Studio Seven Consulting’s Founder, Thom Vest, believes that embracing and harnessing these new technologies while staying focused on innovation is what will successfully lead his clients through these fast-moving changes. “By curating everything we have to force nothing, and our guest list requirements and how seriously we take Covid compliance measures are no exception.” For entry to most of the events, you’d need to have collected an NFT token via an online auction platform, downloaded an app from one of the event sponsors, or somehow scored a VIP access card from one of the participating hosts or creators just to get past security. He added, “Our strict ‘socially selective’ policy means that a vaccination card, a negative Covid test, and a healthy respect for other people’s personal space and preferred safety protocols are non-negotiable at ALL events, Period. Outside of that – our general rule of thumb is if you want a seat at the table, you have to bring something to it. What that looks, sounds, tastes, or feels like is the fun part – that’s where the magic of these events are found. It’s really as simple as that.”

Guests who score a coveted spot on the list are likely to be bumping elbows with industry executives and many of the 20-something crypto millionaires who are helping guide this space into the future. Those with eyes to see might even spot a few recognizable faces in the crowd, all while listening to unreleased music, sampling new products, and taste tasting the items at the pandemic- friendly food stations. By keeping tight reins on the creative direction and program schedule for each event prior to its launch, the agency is able to utilize their proprietary software on site to then capture real-time reactions, content, and digital engagement opportunities between the hosts, sponsors, and party-goers within each geo-fenced activation area. In some cases, they can also create custom fabricated activation elements that blur the line between the digital and analog worlds, and coordinate pre-approved content deals with some of the high-profile influencers, artists, and creators in attendance to ensure maximum earned media value and impressions for sponsors.

To learn more about Studio Seven Consulting, their innovative approach to all things Marketing, PR, and promotional, or the brands they work with; please visit , or the agency’s social media handles at @StudioSevenConsulting.

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