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AudioSwim is a Digital Music Ecosystem that Aims to Revolutionize the Music Industry by Empowering Fans and Creatives.

DUBAI, UAE, May 11, 2022 / — AudioSwim is a Digital Music Ecosystem that Aims to Revolutionize the Music Industry by Empowering Fans and Creatives.

Musicians and artists globally currently face challenges in their development. They are not getting properly compensated for their work and have little chance of breaking into the big scene and future success without building the proper dedicated fan base (micro-communities).

UAE-based entrepreneur Albert Carter – a philanthropist, manager, and culture shifter with more than 20 years of experience in the music business – aims to change that with the introduction of AudioSwim.

AudioSwim is an investment platform that allows music fans to invest in the work of musicians and artists via Royalty Investment (AudioSwim is a Tier 1 Financial Brokerage), Live Streaming, NFTs and NFT streaming that they can then sell, trade, or rent. Through the NFT, they can invest in a song, piece of music, or any other music-related projects including cover art, video content, and more.

AudioSwim is designed to build a community of musicians, fans, entrepreneurs, and investors through collaboration. It has been formed to increase transparency in the music sector to ensure everybody can monetize their work.

Albert chose to base AudioSwim here in the UAE because he believes there is a gap to be bridged between the international, already-famous artists that come to perform here on a regular basis, and up and coming talent that currently faces challenges in unleashing their work and building a fan base through opportunities to perform.

Music is a key factor in the country’s tourism, leisure and entertainment sectors, but home-grown artists are currently being overlooked. Working with government entities, Albert is aiming to give homegrown artists the chance to kick start their careers by recommending they have exposure at some of the big annual events that the UAE is for some of the big annual events – such as the Emirates Music Summit – that attract local residents and international travelers to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The official soft launch of AudioSwim is planned for May 20, 2022, where people will be able to create their own NFTs there and then. This live and virtual event will feature a range of live acts, from homegrown artists to international performers.

Albert’s immediate goal for AudioSwim is for 12,000 people to be part of this unique investment platform – and in turn, doing what they love – within the next 12 months.

About Albert Carter

Born in Philadelphia, PA in 1984, Albert Carter is an entrepreneur, educator, philanthropist, and manager with more than 20 years of experience in the music business.

In 2010, he founded the Hip Hop University (HHU), a non-profit organization that exists to uplift communities through educational outreach in diverse and underserved communities. Working with local government entities, community organizations, small businesses, and large corporations, HHU uses local and internationally known musicians and artists to raise awareness and achieve the desired results.

In the UAE, Albert spearheaded the Emirates Music Summit, designed to improve standards within the music industry. This is a biannual event that happens 2x a year in different Emirates that aims to increase music tourism and improve the music industry in the region.

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