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It’s time for change, from the antiquated music learning methods to leveraging technology and natural learning!

This isn’t teaching people to follow tabs. It actually teaches how to be a musician which is groundbreaking.”

— Taylor Paul, Guitar Instructor

SURREY, UNITED KINGDOM, December 29, 2022 / — MusicIncite, Ltd., today announces great news for returners to the guitar and bass. Copying others is essential but copying without understanding very often leads to frustration, hitting a brick wall and even giving up. It’s never too late to make real progress. The key is to learn how to embrace natural learning and directed practice and do away with antiquated, boring methods of memorization and training, that turns so many self-taught students off. In a study conducted of over 600 musicians, (Survey Summary) 80% preferred technology aided solutions to aid them in their development.

So, what’s different? Decades of studies from music psychology confirms the brain perceives musical relationships and seeks musical structure. Similarly cognitive studies and educational psychology studies on learning styles yield how the brain builds associations with mental frameworks, directed practice, and learning feedback. The design of today’s interactive technologies and content embrace these aspects of how we all naturally learn, in the context of music. They allow for real-time simulations, while learning and exploring music on virtual instruments (“guitar”, “bass” and “piano”).

They provide aural and visual feedback and autocorrection of tests and tasks (for example, changing an incorrect chord created by the student to a correct one).

They provide a suite of tightly integrated tools for visualizing theory, and in-depth visual and aural exploration of chords and melody, including scale-unaware and scale-aware inversions. Tools for the rapid creation and exploration of rhythmic concepts and for technique practice transposable to all keys. Tools for the creation of musical sketches to practice theory and improvisation with, and for ear training. They provide interactive chord & scale libraries, all of which can be edited, morphed, in any tuning, and more….

All the above can be shared between teachers and students, including for remote learning online with screen-sharing. We know that note names and music notation are important components, but they are absolutely not the first thing to push on a student, exploring a new instrument, or getting back into one, when motivation is vital. You need to produce an environment that encourages directed practice, with full attention focused on whatever the practice topic may be. Using a real guitar can result in muscle memory taking over, and practice is far more likely to wander.

Whereas using the virtual instruments and tools built-in, directed practice is facilitated, and musical skills can be accumulated mentally, even as physical skills are yet to be developed.

Here is what one of our customers had to say:

“I have checked out online lessons and always thought you don’t get feedback, so you don’t learn much besides tabs. This format is absolutely amazing because you get interaction and feedback. You get to play with sounds, and one huge thing is the ability and ease to invert chords and turn them into a melody. This is honestly a new approach that I think will help people that want to learn faster. This isn’t teaching people to follow tabs. It actually teaches how to be a musician which is groundbreaking. I really think you are onto something I’ve never seen before.”

Tyler Paul, Guitar Instructor

Jerry Kramskoy, Founder and CEO, has this to say, “Changing the way we look at music education today, can revolutionize how self-taught guitarists without access to formal education can break through past roadblocks and truly make steady progress building skills in improvising and creating their own music, by leveraging technology and natural learning, which also applies to online learning. Emuso/PracticeSuitePro provides a simple approach to get users engaged, learning the features and functions plus toolkit integration with interactive quick start guides and interactive lessons, which make a huge difference. It reduces musician confusion, while simplifying the process of practicing, exploring or creating, be that creating technique or timing practice routines, or chord progressions, or simply making musical sketches. The unrivalled chord and auto-chord capabilities open a whole new world of possibilities to be explored. The ability to separate pitch from rhythm and recombine them from melodies and chords built on virtual instruments, is unique, and makes for very rapid editing and experimentation”

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Like all great platforms, we are in a constant state of continuous improvement, the strength behind our SaaS model.

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