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CEO Birdee Bow Releases Music Money Mindset Course

Birdee Bow BsquaredMGMT CEO

CEO Bsquared MGMT Birdee

Music Money Mindset

Music Money Mindset Courses Now Available

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, March 29, 2022 / — Bsquared MGMT CEO, Birdee Bow is releasing a new series of guided courses entitled, Music Money Mindset. These new courses set the starving artist persona packing and the suffering for your passion mentality to rest. In this lesson framework, artists learn more about the energy that keeps art not just alive, but thriving.

Through this course, artists unlock their capacity to monetize their art while breaking thru the mindset that keeps artists playing small.
The mission of Birdee’s new coursework is the creation of pathways for artists to start playing a bigger role in every aspect of career and life in general.

Artists are guided and trained in thinking right into success and the positive energy of a thriving career.
The MUSIC, MONEY, MINDSET COURSE series is a 6 to 10-week course for creatives who are ready to unleash their full potential, genius and wisdom.
Empowering artists and creatives to use their income power to fuel their mission and continue to do great things in the world with art.

To learn more about the new courses as well as more about Birdee and her mission as a CEO and Entertainment Professional, visit as well as

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