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GWMF2017 in i24 News – Gibraltar hosts World Music Festival

A fantastic coverage of GWMF2017 Uprising at i24 News – see the artists, the venues and beautiful Gibraltar!

Three exceptional artists and three unique shows: Yossi Fine and Ben Aylon with Music from the Blue Desert (Yossi Fine & Ben Aylon), Gili Yalo from Ethiopia (Gili Yalo); and the Malian Ngoni player and Griot: the artist Bassekou Kouyate (Bassekou Kouyaté) performed at St. Michael’s Cave on the last day of GWMF2017 Uprising – 8th of June.

Each year Gibraltar World Music Festival aims to visit through music the traditions of different countries or regions.The Festival brings a new story every year to Gibraltar and its international audience. In 2017 Gibraltar Productions decided to go beyond the music and the festival itself and introduce BrightMed which has the ambition to celebrate these values and become a unique meeting point of North-South/East-West (for more information check

2017’s edition told a story of artists from Africa (Ethiopia and Mali) and their continuing fight to exist as musicians in spite of the oppression from extremists.

To find out more about GWMF and BrightMed follow us on Facebook @GibraltarWorldMusicFestival and @BrightIMed, Twitter @GWMFestival and @BrightIMed, Instagram @gwmf2017

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