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Introducing the new Calibrite PROFILER

Software to optimize monitors for a streamlined and accurate digital editing workflow.

Listening to the customer and responding with simple solutions that make streamlining color workflow a practicable priority is our number one goal. And with PROFILER, this is possible.”

— Brenda K. Hipshe, VP of Sales and Marketing for Calibrite

WHITE PLAINS, NY, U.S., January 26, 2023 / — Calibrite LLC announces the release of the brand-new monitor module of PROFILER software, a feature-rich and intuitive color workflow profiling solution. Designed with the user in mind, Calibrite PROFILER offers a clear and logical user interface that delivers superior monitor profiling with just a few clicks. With built-in presets for those new to color management and fully customizable features for the more advanced user, profile management, and quick upgrades, Calibrite PROFILER makes color optimization easy for everyone. Whether using a laptop or desktop monitor, Calibrite PROFILER assures photographers, video editors, and creatives that what their monitor is accurately showing them is what is really in the file they are viewing.

“This software release represents Calibrite’s commitment to innovation and excellence in color calibration and profiling for photographers, video editors, and all content creatives. Listening to the customer and responding with simple solutions that make streamlining color workflow a practicable priority is our number one goal. And with PROFILER, this is possible.” – BRENDA K. HIPSHER, VP OF SALES AND MARKETING AT CALIBRITE

Intuitive and Customizable

Calibrite PROFILER offers presets for photo, video, and pre-press with intuitive one-click options for a quick and simple profiling process. Users can modify luminance, white point, contrast targets and patch sizes through the advanced settings for more defined customization. Custom settings can be saved and named by the user for future use, and the user-defined presets exported, shared, and easily imported for use on other computers. Sharing user-defined custom profiles makes it easy to streamline customizable settings within a team, with students, a community, or across computer labs, ensuring an accurate collective color workflow.

Optimized Utilities*

A new suite of utilities built into Calibrite PROFILER makes it easy to evaluate the monitor and confirm the quality of a profile:

– Monitor Uniformity: allows sampling of nine positions on the monitor surface to evaluate the uniformity of luminance and color across the screen.

– Monitor Validation: uses industry standard colors to calculate and return an in-depth report on the quality of a profile created by Calibrite PROFILER.

– Monitor Quick Check: confirms that the profile in use is still performing correctly, helping to establish how often the monitor should be calibrated to account for normal drift.

– Preset Manager: allows the user to export, import, or delete custom presets created in Calibrite PROFILER.

– Profile Manager: provides the user with an easy path to delete old profiles keeping systems clear of clutter.

– Product Registration: offers an easy path to register a product to benefit from full Calibrite support.



Calibrite PROFILER is FREE to all Calibrite device owners. X-Rite branded device users can upgrade to the new software for $9.99.

Ease of use, innovation, and complete control define Calibrite PROFILER software. With its new look, intuitive user experience, and practical features, PROFILER sets a new standard for monitor profiling.

Download and enjoy the experience!

*Monitor Quick Check and Profile Manager functionality coming soon.

For more details on this and future Calibrite product news, please contact Brenda Hipsher, Calibrite VP Sales and Marketing at [email protected]

Calibrite is dedicated to providing the very best color solutions for photographers, filmmakers, designers, and content creators who love color and demand the very best tools for their color critical creative workflow. For more information, visit

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