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J.Soh’s newly released “Of Roses and Gerberas” is a romantic novel that shows what true love is.

Of Roses and Gerberas

Author, J. Soh

“Of Roses and Gerberas” from Book Vine Press author J.Soh is a story of a couple whose love life is not the same as other people but as special as a rose.

Love to be loved but it is not for name, fame, and game. My book, which is set in the United States of America is contemporary and humorous yet heartwarming at the same time.”

— J. Soh

SINGAPORE, May 25, 2022 / — “Of Roses and Gerberas”: A heartfelt account that tells a love story that readers have never seen before. It is a love journey of a man who falls in love with a blind woman. Their bittersweet story will take you to a heart-touching event where you can feel and realize that true love is not always what everyone expects. This will give readers a realization that love may sometimes surprise them. “Of Roses and Gerberas” is the creation of published author J.Soh, a teacher whose interests include listening to music, singing, dancing, watching movies, cycling, swimming, and playing badminton.

J.Soh writes, “‘Of Roses and Gerberas’ enchants and enlightens us with a story of a male celebrity actor (Trent Emanuel) who falls in love with a blind commoner (Beverly Abner) when he visits her flower shop for the first time. Welcome to their bittersweet love story worth remembering for a lifetime. They prove that true love does not require vision from the naked eyes, but it is felt from the heart and the sense of human touch. A novel titled ‘The Language of Flowers’ (2011) written by Vanessa Diffenbaugh and the film titled ‘Love Happens’ (2009), directed by Brandon Camp, are my inspirations. After reading ‘The Language of Flowers’ (2011), I realized that my character is defined by my favorite flower, Gerbera. Not all girls would prefer Roses. I asked the people around me, and surprisingly, I could see such resemblance. So, like flowers, we are equally and uniquely beautiful.”

Published by Book Vine Press, J.Soh’s new book is a reminder that the gift of true love is not always the same as one’s expectation because genuine love is felt, not seen.

Through this book, the author wants the readers to know that love is universal and without its presence, human beings would not exist at all. Love to be loved, but not for fame and game.

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