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John Krondes And The Elvis Hit Team Razzle-Dazzle Europe And The Music World With 1st New Recordings Since 1977

John Krondes and Joe Esposito with Portia Griffin in Hollywood

Joe Esposito and the Sweet Inspirations at John Krondes recording session Los Angeles, CA

Elvis Presley with Best Friend and Road Manager Joe Esposito

Europe And The World Over Awed With The Fervid News Of Historic New Recordings By John Krondes And The Original Elvis Presley Music Entourage, A 1st Since 1977.

I’m trying to help him as much as I can,” … “These are my friends, and I think they’re doing some good songs. John came up with a fine idea”

— Joe Esposito

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2022 / — HOLLYWOOD NEWS…For those of who believe in The Impossible Being Possible, your tuned into the right story. Never Say Never, because you could always be wrong. “I have know idea” and “I’m Confused” are more like it. Even Elvis Presley himself sang, “Miracles I Guess Still Happen Now And Then.” We fully agree; and after scratching our heads a few times and falling into complete bewilderment, this just might be one of those miracles. Singer/songwriter John Krondes has the entertainment world in a total state of wonderment over the fantastic news that he has ended up with close to 100 new recorded songs with all the original Elvis Presley musicians. He has them all; the TCB Band, American Sound Studio Band, DJ Fontana, Ronnie Tutt, Jordanaires, Stamps, Imperials, Sweet Inspirations, Elvis Horns, and more.

It All started with THE END which in this tale is just the beginning. Many moons ago, circa 1958, John’s Dad, Jimmy Krondes and Sid Jacobson ended up writing one of the greatest love songs of all time. THE END a/k/a “At The End Of A Rainbow” was recorded first by Earl Grant and instantaneously became a worldwide Super Hit. As part of Destiny’s Plan, Elvis Presley chose this special love song “At THE END Of A Rainbow” to serenade Priscilla Beaulieu with on the piano in Germany on the night they met. Fatefully, decades later, John Krondes the son of the composer was introduced to the Jordanaires and wound up making a modern recording of his Dad’s Monster Hit THE END with Elvis Presley’s back-up group. Listeners all across the globe were calling radio stations asking if it was Elvis Presley singing with the Jordanaires. With extensive airplay all over the world, the rest of the original Presley Hit Team started to discover John Krondes and make new music with him. The result is now a lot of mind blowing, hair raising power tracks, many of them original compositions that spookily have the elements of the distinct Memphis Sound. Reportedly, even when the musicians, engineers, producers, music biz VIPs, and fans come into the studio to hear the new John Krondes music the result is always the same; a complete overcoming of emotions and the unanimous universal statement, “Elvis Is In The Room”.

No one can figure out this powerful music man John Krondes. He has quickly been crowned with the title of “Hollywood’s Mystery Man”. The music industry and fans shouldn’t be expected to know how he has accomplished all of these remarkable feats. The odds were completely against him, but the facts seem to confirm that John Krondes was on a Rock ‘N Roll Mission, and was like Elvis blindly and unknowingly following Destiny’s Plan. Neither John Krondes, the musicians, arrangers, producers, and even friends of Elvis Presley have any logical earthly answer as to how they all found each other. It seems More and More, that Elvis is speaking from the Grave; or as many are starting to believe, sending orders from Rock ‘N Roll Heaven to John Krondes and all his King’s men and women to revive the music and the Memphis Sound.

This growing mystery packed supernatural story further suggests that Elvis Presley celestially called on his Best Friend, Best Man, and 20 Year Road Manager Joe Esposito to take the helm to manage and promote John Krondes and the Elvis Hit Making Team. There are no music biz professionals, historians, or any other experts or theorists that have any perspicuous answer as to how it was also possible and plausible that TCB Joe Esposito would also discover John Krondes. Joe Esposito instinctively and immediately knew what to do and how to carry forward the recordings and project in what today has exploded into the music scene as Chapter II of the Memphis Sound.

Joe Esposito was called by the Tupelo Daily Journal, asked about John Krondes and said, “I’m trying to help him as much as I can,” … “These are my friends, and I think they’re doing some good songs. John came up with a fine idea.” Joe Esposito spent his final years before his death in 2016 promoting, building, and laying the groundwork for the John Krondes and Elvis Hit Making Team project. Presley’s Road Manager Joe Esposito was at several of the John Krondes recording sessions and meticulously ensured that he would help preserve the legacy of his best friend’s music making machine. Prior to his passing, Joe Esposito followed his heavenly orders from Elvis, commanding John Krondes and the Presley players to record a select number of Elvis Presley’s favorite staple songs to rock-up and make new again. Joe Esposito explained to Krondes publisher and supporter Bo Goldsen of Criterion Music Corp., and all involved that fans will want to hear this miracle of Elvis Presley’s musicians playing again with John new versions of the songs that they loved and adored. Marvelously, one of those songs was “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. John Krondes has a new power track and rocked-up new recording of one of Elvis Presley’s most recognizable songs. Enigmatically, the same original Jordanaires that sang behind Elvis on the same song “Can’t Help Falling In Love” in 1961 are also harmonizing with John Krondes on the new recording.

The music machine excitingly has numerous new compositions to keep the project and next generation of Memphis Rock material fresh and into the future.

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