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Matchmaker Aims to Address Pandemic of Loneliness

Elite Connections President Sherri Murphy and VP Tammi Pickle

Celebrity Matchmaker Elite Connections Helping to Fight Pandemic of Loneliness

Celebrities are people too. And there’s nothing more human than wanting to find that special someone and spend your life together.”

— Sherri Murphy

MALIBU, CA, US, August 5, 2022 / — Two plus years ago the pandemic upended our lives around the world. But mental health professionals at the American Psychological Association tell us that it’s not just one pandemic, it’s two. The press has dubbed the second pandemic a “pandemic of loneliness.” Mareike Ernst, PhD, of Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz in Germany, who has studied the pandemic’s effect on populations around the world, notes that loneliness “constitutes a risk for premature mortality and mental and physical health.”

The pressures of social distancing, mask mandates, and shutdowns have been particularly hard on single people. Marriage rates in the United States have been in steady decline since 1990, when 9.8 out of 1,000 people got married every year. But no single calendar year since 1990 experienced as big a drop as from 2019 before the pandemic (6.1 per 1,000) to 2020 when the pandemic hit and marriage rates dropped to 5.1, representing a 16.4% drop from the prior year and a roughly 48% drop from 1990.

By 2020, writes demographer, author, and former director of the United Nations Population Division Joseph Chamie, the “marriage shortfall,” in the U.S. was estimated at 340,000 fewer marriages than otherwise anticipated. Assessing the big picture, Chamie states, “the institution of marriage in America appears to have become increasingly inconsequential for growing numbers of young men and women, including couples having children together.”

But a 2020 report from the Brookings Institute, a nonprofit Washington D.C. think tank, shines a spotlight on the upper class as a crucial exception to the national decline in marriage. The rate of affluent marriage, defined as the top 20% of the income bracket, only decreased from 82% in 1979 to 80% by 2018. During the same time period the drop in middle class (middle 60%) marriages went from 84% to 66%, and the lower classes (bottom 20%) went from 60% to 38%.

“I believe in marriage,” says Sherri Murphy, President and owner of Elite Connections International, headquartered in Beverly Hills. “As a happily married, professional matchmaker,” she continues, “I want everybody to live happily ever after. And it’s a thrill to go to work every day and do our part to tackle the pandemic of loneliness.”

Given the relative stability of marriage among the affluent in the United States over the last several decades, it’s not surprising that people with money will spend as much as $10,000 or more to meet their forever match. “For well-to-do professionals, the only thing they don’t have a lot of is time,” states Tammi Pickle, Sherri’s daughter, and the Vice President of Elite Connections International. “So, we do screening. We do background checks and even give a crash course in charm school.” The mother-daughter duo claims that 90% of their clients find someone they want to, at the very least, keep dating long-term after the first three months. But the best feeling, they say, comes when they hear wedding bells.

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