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Orderinbox Launches Its Game-Changing Social NFT Marketplace For the Metaverse

Orderinbox is Live

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Orderinbox is the go-to social NFT marketplace for 1/1 creators and brands looking to build their communities in the metaverse.

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, May 10, 2022 / — Today, Orderinbox, the social NFT marketplace for the metaverse has officially launched to the public. With a swarm of marketplaces flocking to this exciting new space, Orderinbox stands out as the go-to platform for 1/1 creators and brands looking to get into the metaverse without any complicated jargon or barriers.

Orderinbox features a social component, unlike any other NFT marketplace. Creators can build their fan bases, explore collaborative opportunities, and build strong peer relationships all within the platform. Creators benefit from increased visibility of their digital creations through Orderinbox SNFX™, which relies on built-in smart network effects. These built-in features mean that each NFT presents a new opportunity to expand a creator’s network.

The platform displays a community curated marketplace and a personalized yet unbiased, chronological social feed that provides visibility to all users. The design ensures that every creator’s profile and work get a fair chance of being discovered by potential collectors.

Orderinbox’s unique features include:

● Community Curation: The marketplace showcases trending NFTs, increasing the discoverability of new creations.

● Social Feed: Social profiles with buzzing feeds include marketplace activity and engagement features like follow, like, share, and comment.

● 1-Click NFT Creation: Minting an NFT is as easy as creating a social media post.

● 1-Click NFT Listing: Fixed price or reserve auctions are supported in ETH and MATIC cryptocurrencies, as well as select ERC-20 stablecoins such as USDC

and DAI.

● Multi-Chain: Launching on Ethereum and Polygon, with more to be added soon.

● Multi-Wallet: Connect to the platform using MetaMask or hundreds of other cryptocurrency wallets via WalletConnect and WalletLink.

● Multi-Lingual: The platform will soon be available in seven languages, including English, Turkish, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian.

Over the past few weeks, Orderinbox whitelisted a few hundred users globally to test things out – many of them entirely new to NFTs. During this whitelisting period, creators raved that the platform’s simplicity made it easy for them to onboard and start selling immediately. The community support allowed them to mint and sell their first NFTs – some within minutes of listing them. Participating creators saw an influx of sales and a strong rapport built amongst community members – the Orderinbox team is focused on maintaining this as the platform scales.

“Our goal with Orderinbox was to remove the barrier of entry for NFT curious creators and brands. We also wanted to offer those who had already established themselves in the space, an easier way to connect with their communities,” says Orderinbox CEO Dogu Taskiran. “Our long-term plan is to shift ownership of the platform to users with a roadmap that includes features that represent, compensate, and reward the creators behind its success.”

The vision is to bring the metaverse to the masses. By focusing on ease of use, Orderinbox delivers the best-in-class user experience, allowing creators to build global communities around their creations using tools they are already familiar with. Orderinbox has plans to expand the platform internationally. The goal is to make creating and selling NFTs easy and accessible to everyone who wants to participate in the creator economy, regardless of language or geographic location.

NFTs gained tremendous popularity in 2021 with the $69M sale of a piece by the artist Beeple and the monumental success of projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Cryptopunks. The technology behind NFTs has the power to transform industries far beyond art and graphic design. NFTs are rapidly entering into consumer brands, entertainment, sports, and several other sectors, because of their unique design that facilitates a direct connection to customers and fans.

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About Orderinbox

Orderinbox is the Social Commerce Platform for the Metaverse where creators and collectors meet to trade any digital asset (Art, Music, Movie, Sports Cards, Game Assets, Fashion, Intellectual and Digital Property Etc.) secured with blockchain technology, namely NFTs.

We are building the infrastructure for the new creative economy where creators thrive by connecting directly to relevant audiences who can reward them for their work without any centralized control.

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Introducing Orderinbox – The Social NFT Marketplace for the Metaverse

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