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Rising recording artist Whanja is getting set to make her debut in 2023

Inspirational Songstress Whanja

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2022 / — Whanja is a talented Inspirational / Gospel recording artist who always tries new things, and she loves to set the bar higher with her artistry and creativity, going deeper into her ideas and making things happen instead of being stuck at the drawing board, as they say. Her name means “Beautiful Princess” and even “Love” in some parts of Africa, and she is deeply connected to her roots in everything she does.

As a former military veteran, the artist has had the chance to travel the world while serving our country, and now she focuses on showcasing her music to audiences throughout the world. Her music always feels incredibly round and smooth. The sound of her voice has a softness to it but is also outstanding due to its understated patterns and intriguing sound design. It’s like stitching the perfect fabric, and really making sure that every little detail is there for a reason.

Whanja’s music is highly recommended if you enjoy the sound of such styles as Neo Soul, R&B, Afro-Beat and even shades of Pop, among others.

Find out more about Whanja, do not miss out on her up and coming EP release LOVE & LIBERTY, which will be available the summer of 2023 on the best digital streaming platforms on the web.

Carolina Panorama
+1 803-256-4015
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