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Cover for new album, “Slightly Serious” by Paul Nourigat

Paul Nourigat releases “Slightly Serious”, offering his comical spin on curious aspects of life, following his debut album by only 13 months.

Nourigat skewers the lunacy of our everyday lives. With a critical but lighthearted attitude and a razor sharp pen, he calls the ridiculous among us to task. Few are immune from his sardonic wit.”

— Bob Smith – The Static Drive

PORTLAND, OREGON, US, May 20, 2022 / — Nourigat’s aptly named LP, “Slightly Serious”, delivers tongue-in-cheek humor across ten original tracks,. Released May 20th on all major platforms, the album is filled with 10 toe-tapping and foot-stomping originals, with stories that keep the listener wondering what’s next. Beyond the words, talented instrumentalists from Austin to Italy help Nourigat drive his Americana vibe throughout this multi-genre album, with a surprise in “One More Pair” as it diverges into classic sultry blues about his lady’s shoes.

Nourigat exposes the nastiness of the online world and our addictions to the black mirror with his “Couth and Truth” and “Toilet Texting”, then puts some funk into country-rock with “Pressing Snooze” speaking the cold hard truth about couch potatoes. He pokes whiners who have plenty to be grateful for, using a golf metaphor in “Pretty Fair Day”, while mocking his own late-life musical talents and encouraging people to take risks in the fast-paced “Debut at 62”. “My True Loves” speaks to the reality of balancing multiple passions, while “Imaginary Genius” shows his disdain for those among us who are just a little too special. “Mama Flipped Me Off This Morning” exposes the trauma that can come from irritating one’s spouse, while “Consultancy” offers his inside-view about corporate struggles.

The musician credits the style and storytelling of John Prine, Willie Nelson, and Jimmy Buffett, as Slightly Serious takes a decidedly lighter path than his Covid-inspired debut album “Open Up My Days”, and his follow-on “Shake Stuff Up”. With two new projects already planned for the coming 12 months, this prolific storyteller will continue to tap into his growing portfolio of songs, 80 of which he’s written but not yet published.

Three music videos accompany “Slightly Serious” on Nourigat’s YouTube channel, while the audio tracks can be found on all major music platforms, such as Spotify.

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One More Pair – Music Video

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