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Small Axe Peppers, a Mission-Based Hot Sauce Company, Launches Community-Focused Collaboration with Forest Hills Stadium

The New York City Three Pack takes you on a spicy sojourn through some of the Big Apples’ world-famous boroughs. Made with peppers grown in The Bronx and Queens, its flavors are inspired by New York’s incomparable diversity and dynamism

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Small Axe Peppers is a mission-based hot sauce company that connects people with community gardens

Small Axe Peppers makes its debut at the iconic Forest Hills Stadium as the official hot sauce “in residence” during the venue’s 2022 season.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, June 1, 2022 / — Small Axe Peppers, a Mission-Based Hot Sauce Company, Partners with Forest Hills Stadium for Community-Focused Collaboration

America’s mission-based hot sauce company, Small Axe Peppers, makes its debut at the iconic Forest Hills Stadium as the official hot sauce “in residence” during the venue’s 2022 season. Taking center stage in the partnership is the launch of an onsite community garden featuring pepper seeds donated by Small Axe for their Queen’s 7 and The Bronx hot sauces. This unique collaboration was born from a shared mission to give back to their local communities by bringing people together to make a positive change in the world around them.

Small Axe Peppers started in the Bronx in the Spring of 2014 with the goal to connect people directly to the community gardens and urban farms in their neighborhood. Soon after, the program expanded into Queens and eventually to more than 120 community gardens in 23 states across the U.S. The company donates and distributes pepper seeds to the gardens at the start of each growing season and then buys the peppers back at premium prices. Last year, Small Axe Peppers bought more than 11,000 pounds of peppers from 56 different community garden partners in 36 cities across America.

All season long, concertgoers will have the chance to experience Small Axe Peppers throughout Forest Hills Stadium and learn more about the hot sauce company’s goal to create greener cities and provide fresher food to underserved communities. The hot sauce is now part of the condiment selection at participating stadium food vendors. Plus, guests 21+ can spice up their Ilegal Mezcal Margaritas and Palomas with the Small Axe Peppers Habanero Mango sauce at all beverage concession areas. Attendees are invited to stop by the Small Axe Peppers’ booth, located on the ground level by Section 3, to enter their weekly hot sauce gift basket giveaway, purchase product and grab free samples of Queens 7 pepper seeds.

“We love the Small Axe Peppers mission and we’re thrilled to welcome them to Forest Hills Stadium,” said Jason Brandt, General Manager, Forest Hills Stadium. “This is an exciting collaboration and a partnership where everyone wins. We get to spread the word about this great company and the work they do to support community gardens and our concertgoers get to enjoy this incredible hot sauce which we’ve integrated into our food and cocktail offerings. All made with the same peppers we are growing in our own little garden backstage!”

Forest Hills Stadium is a historic outdoor music venue that has welcomed fans to the picturesque New York City neighborhood of Forest Hills, Queens for nearly 100 years. Designed to optimize acoustics and with no obstructed views, the 13,000-capacity stadium is the only outdoor venue of its kind and size in the city. A passionate supporter of the local community, Forest Hills Stadium partners with a variety of Queens’ businesses and brands.

“Small Axe Peppers was formed to connect people with community gardens. Every one of the community garden partners has a unique story to tell and it is our job to bring them to you. Collaborating with Forest Hills Stadium provides us with an even bigger microphone and format to tell this story. We are very grateful to the Forest Hills team for the opportunity, and to our friends at AJR who introduced us and advocated on our behalf,” said John A. Crotty, Co-founder of Small Axe Peppers.

Small Axe Peppers currently offers The Bronx Red Hot Sauce (Red Serrano pepper), The Bronx Green Hot Sauce (Green Serrano pepper), Los Angeles Hot Sauce (Habanero Mango), The Baltimore (Habanero Ginger), Queens 7 Hot Sauce (Jalapeño), the Detroit Hot Sauce (Ghost pepper), The Chicago Hot Sauce (red hot Jalapeño), The Oakland Hot Sauce (California Raisin) and The Texas Hot Sauce (Tangy Tamarindo). All products are $6.99 each and available on Amazon and on the Small Axe Pepper’s Website.

For more information on Small Axe Peppers, please visit or connect with them on Instagram.

About Small Axe Peppers

It all started in The Bronx! The Bronx Hot Sauce was born in the spring of 2014 when Small Axe Peppers donated serrano pepper seedlings to five community gardens in the Bronx. The following year, based on their initial success, twenty additional gardens asked to participate. Together, they collectively grew almost a ton of serrano peppers in 2015, and a new economic model for urban farming was born! A Certified B Corporation, Small Axe Peppers has expanded its model to 15 cities across America and purchased locally-grown peppers from more than 75 community gardens. More and more gardens ask to participate each year and we want to work with all of them! Small Axe Peppers was founded by John A. Crotty and John Fitzgerald. Through their professional and personal experience, they understood that building communities cannot be done with just bricks and mortar. In order to be successful, communities are built by people working together.

About Forest Hills Stadium

Forest Hills Stadium first cemented its place in the canon of iconic American venues during the second half of the 20th century when, as the home of the U.S. Open, it hosted some of the most important tennis matches of its time, including Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson’s Grand Slam wins – literal game-changing events where these African American athletes broke the white-washed sport’s color barrier.

Beyond sports, the Romanesque stadium and its enviable acoustics also became known as a must-play for musical acts at the height of their fame, hosting some of the most notable concerts of the 60’s and 70’s, including The Rolling Stones, The Beatles Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan.

In 2023, Forest Hills Stadium will mark its 100th birthday with a series of centennial events that honor the venue’s rich past and celebrate its promising future. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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