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Start-Up Connect Music Launches $10 Million Investment Solution For Indie Artists To Own The Rights To Their Music

MEMPHIS, TN, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2022 / — The popularity of music streaming has taken the world of entertainment by storm. Streaming has increased profits and brought stability to the music industry. It gives artists and labels of all sizes the ability to reach global audiences and become profitable in revenue, influence and impact.

Music royalties have a huge earning potential and have been an area of interest for Preserver Partners, a partner of Connect Music. Connect Music is a music monetization company that provides distribution and publishing administration services. They offer artists and collaborators the tools they need to distribute their music across all major streaming platforms, keep ownership of their works, and receive compensation.

The alternative investment management firm, headed by President and Chief Investment Officer Floyd Tyler, found a trusted partner in Connect Music to invest in the music industry and put meaningful capital to work.

Founder and CEO of Connect Music, George Monger is on a mission to prove that music is an asset class.“The more I was educated by the entire Preserver team, I recognized that we could control significant ownership in our business. Independence is fine but without capital you’re just independent. When you are independent with capital you become amplified,” says George.

Connect Music has now established a $10 Million Credit Facility to support indie artists with financial resources that will help to scale their new releases for maximum exposure. The artist receives a team, infrastructure, and resources comparable to major labels while maintaining ownership of their music.

“We are extremely excited for the opportunity to partner with Connect Music to offer unique and innovative financing opportunities to emerging and established artists. We believe in Connect Music’s value proposition to artists, their high integrity and because of the artists community that they serve. It means a great deal to us that two African-American firms, Connect Music and Preserver Partners, were able to join forces to serve the exceptionally talented artist community that is often overlooked by institutional investors in music publishing and royalties,” states Floyd Tyler.

The Credit Facility is designed to foster economic empowerment through ownership of intellectual property rights in visual, musical, and sound recording copyrights.

Headquartered in a $2.5 million downtown property in Memphis,George founded Connect Music in August 2020, has over 200 label clients, and developed editorial partnerships with Pandora, Tidal, Apple and Spotify.

Focused on building the music of today, George Monger envisions Connect Music becoming a collaborative space for entertainment focused entrepreneurs everywhere.

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Connect Music is a music monetization company that provides distribution and publishing administration services. Within the Connect model, artists retain 100% ownership of their IP and participate in a revenue share instead of an annual flat rate. We are incentivized to partner with our clients to maximize exposure and consumption of their music. If they don’t earn, neither do we.

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