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Taylor Lamborn is ‘Fine’ in New Single

CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES, March 10, 2022 / — Ohio based singer/songwriter, Taylor Lamborn, is here with new live recordings of her music. The first song, “Fine”, released on February 25th, 2022 and written in 2012, explores the line between strength and the facade of strength. It’s honestly raw and a song that felt too real to share for many years. Taylor didn’t play it live until 2015, and has only played it publicly a handful of times. (The second live performance was in 2020 at a sold out round with Maddie Finn and Shawn Brewster at the Music Box). This acoustic release will be the first time many have heard it.

Utilizing the full range and dynamics of her vocals, Taylor Lamborn regularly demonstrates her unique ability to bring a roaring crowd to silence. It is in those quiet moments, when her songwriting and lyrics take center stage, that Taylor addresses a full spectrum of humanity; putting a voice to the hours she spends exploring and at times overanalyzing the nuances of daily life and human interaction.

Balancing both domestic and international self-managed tours, Taylor has spent 10 years as a staple in Cleveland’s independent music scene. It took the pandemic to force her to reflect, refine, and redirect a career. The anchoring point in this effort was an at-home acoustic concert, where Lamborn explored a decade of her material unamplified, in front of a small and intimate audience.​

The simple set up was intended to be a raw and intimate snapshot of a defining moment in Taylor’s artistic process. One where she regained and celebrated whole ownership of her art; flaws and all.

For more on this event and Taylor’s own thoughts, refer to her blog post here.

‘Fine’ is out now anywhere you listen to music! Be sure to follow Taylor on her socials, and keep up with her new music on her website.

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