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Terawrizt – Lisbon II (Music Video) Hip Hop Rap Anti New World Order

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Lyrics for Lisbon II

lemme kick this shit off by sayin no to lisbon
mr taoseach, under no condition
will i sell my soul to join another broke religion
a nazi empire, time to vote submission
guarentees that were givin, arent worth the fuckin paper
there written upon, teachin us that think is wrong
but me, im gonna think what i want
until the world as i used to fuckin know it before is long gone
so mr taoseach, who’s supplyin ur wealth
while u live it up sayin we shud tighten are belts
watch the celtic tiger melt and economy crash
now there tryna hit us wit another property tax
and bertie called us liers, and said that u and i
shud just commit suicide, guess who was right
and i said it on art immatatin life, u did listen then
so now were votin for the lisbon again

Lisbon, Part two
Lisbon, Fuck You
We Should Vote No If We Love Are Freedom

trust ur government, and this is what ya get
N.A.M.A buyin up all the banks toxic debt
at the tax payers expense, were footin the bill
then get charged another couple of mill, and the government still
dont give a shit about there citizens, commissionin the ryan report
then dismissin all the sickenin shit thats in it
not even lookin at the evidence
im gettin tired of them insultin my intelligence
the end is gettin nearer,we want solutions
wrippin up the constituition that was penned by de valera
its the end of an era, the dawn of a new age
rising like the sun on winter solstice at newgrange
standin at alter, takin holy communion
welcome to europe, yeah the new soviet union
support the market, and enforce the water charges
for are overlords in brussels as the new world order marches


sick of politicians tryna tell us what we shud or shudnt do
when brian cowens the irish version of george w
when the whole multitude who govern you
are runnin up these giant expense accounts like john o donaghue
look all the money missing fas, get retired on a pension
or there still in there jobs
continueosly wrippin us off, and so the banks take
every last penny we have wit golden handshakes
im tryna paraphrase, from nigel farage
coz catherine day is only sellin us out, its time to barricade
the irish state, until the farmers start to riot mate
and u can try escape, or fight until ur dyin day
coz either way, we’ve got are heads in the sand
and u only need to look at who this treaty benefits man
they carry on like theres been no recession
so im expectin another vote rejection on october second


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