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Today is a new day for Independent Record Labels and Independent Artist worldwide.

Web 3 & Music

It’s a Family Vibe

Web 3 & Music

With web 3 and AI Algorithm’s Being Introduced into the Music Industry Today Makes it a Reality Being Independent

Embrace Technology and Understand the Future”

— 1ST

ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2022 / — Family 1ST Music Group A Independent Record Label From Albany New York With a Roster of 12 Artist’s are Taking Full Advantage of web 3 and AI Algorithm to Market and Distribute There Music on a Global Scale. Tapping Into new Markets Around the World Using AI Algorithm to Connect Artist With a Organic Fan Base to Develop a Foundation for Their Artist on Their Roster. With the Help of web 3 Family 1ST Music Group Have Entered the Meta Verse Where They are Building a Community of Music and web 3 Adding Value to the Artist and Label. Family 1ST music group Artist are Minted as NFT’s and Working on a Musical for Kids Educating Them About the Music Industry.

As Technology Evolve The Independent Market Evolve Going Hand and Hand With Each Other. Independent Record Labels and Independent Artist That are not Current With Technology Will Become a Company or Brand of the Past. Today the Music Industry Market Sales is Based off Streaming,Downloads,and Physical Album or Single Sales That is Being Marketed From Social Media. Where AI Algorithm is Incorporated on Every Platform Making Target Connections Between Brand and Customers that is Looking or Into Your Service is key to Growth in Today Music Industry. Family 1ST Music Group Have Tapped Into new Markets Like Korea,Japan,and India With AI Algorithm and Web 3 Technology Connecting Their Artist’s With Community Based Fans. This Advantage is Major When you Look at Today’s Industry.

Family 1ST Music Group use web 3 as a Tool to Double Profits For the Artist and the Label by Allowing the Artist Community to Buy Into the Artist Brand Through NFT’s Cryptocurrency. What This do is When a Fan Download or buy the Single or Album the Fan can Receive Incentives From the Artist Directly.updates.concert tickets,Shout outs,and Raffle Money to a limited Number of fans. This is big for the Artist Because This Builds Engagement Between Fan and Artist Worldwide Bringing the Artist Following From all Platforms to the Artist Community. Family 1ST Music Group use This Advantage to Build a Solid Foundation of Community Based Networking Creating a Movement Within the web 3 and Music Industry. Family 1ST Music Group Used This Process and Within six Months Family 1ST Music Group Artist Won Awards and Started Building Communities on a Global Scale.

Making a Musical for Kids and a NFT Charterer for Gaming Systems on all Platforms Brings the Label and Artist Closer to Their fan Base at the Same Time Expanding Their Audience Reach In Return Adding More Value to the Artist and Label Brand. Family 1ST Music Group is the Future Model for Independent Labels to Become Major.

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