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WAET in NYC, Day two

Deuxième jour des enfants terribles à New-York. Ce soir ils jouent au Coco 66 et ils ont quand même eu le temps de nous balancer une petite mixtape pour la nuit. Mais avant ça le récit de leur journée :

« NY is weird. NY is awesome. No limits, no rules… so, yes we can:

– in the club, play the music so loud that you can probably hear us, you, in europe
– take dumb pix and video with your webcam during your dj set (« it’s not professional! »)
– have a great talk with a squirel (some of them speak french and drink wine )
– discover tons of good bands in the best place of the world: Brooklyn
find us there tonight in COCO 66 (66 Greenpoint Ave /Brooklyn, for our 1st live act in NYC!!
xoxo »

We ARE ENFANT TERRIBLE – Mixtape J’ai vu New-York USA

tracklist :

1- Dead Radar : a brooklyn native band never released indie-dancefloor hit found in friends hardware
2 – Darwin deez : a band we discovered on the cmj nme club party while we were djing .. sweet sweet sweet love love love
3 – Golden Silvers : another band we saw on the cmj nme party, ok they’re from london, but we saw them in new york city
4 – El Guapo : a piece of this mythic nyc band
5 – Juan Maclean : from a dfa compilation, the greatest nyc label
6 – Serge Gainsbourg : not really a new yorker but…

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