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Colossal Announces a Sizzling $4.7 Million Raised From Favorite Chef Competition Benefiting James Beard Foundation

Karen Jenkins has been voted in by the public as the 2023 Favorite Chef

Colossal Management, LLC is excited to announce that over $4.7 million has been raised from the 2023 Favorite Chef Competition. The online fundraising campaign had over 90,000 skilled home cooks and chefs worldwide vying for the prestigious title of Favorite Chef.

More than just a culinary competition, Favorite Chef represents Colossal's commitment to philanthropy. The competition operated as a fundraising campaign on behalf of DTCare, a nationally registered 501(c)(3) charity/charitable grantmaker. The funds raised during the Favorite Chef Competition went directly to DTCare, which will subsequently issue a grant to the James Beard Foundation (JBF) totaling nearly $5 million. 

Colossal x James Beard Foundation

The James Beard Foundation, renowned for its mission to foster a more inclusive and sustainable future for the restaurant industry, stands as the beneficiary of this remarkable initiative by Colossal. Through its annual awards, industry-centric programs, community-oriented endeavors, advocacy, partnerships, and national events, JBF is at the forefront of reshaping the culinary landscape.

People's Choice: Karen Jenkins

This year's Favorite Chef Competition saw two winners, one being the People's Choice who was voted in by the public. Emerging from humble origins, Chef Karen Jenkins' culinary journey began in her early years. Cooking became a source of solace for her family, forging connections during tough times. Throughout the competition, this talented chef found inspiration in the unwavering support of her husband and an unexpected outpouring of encouragement from all corners of the world, including overseas military personnel and ICU nurses.

Beyond a $25,000 cash prize, a featured profile in Taste of Home magazine, and an upcoming trip to NYC to cook with Carla Hall, Jenkins' triumph holds a deeper resonance. Reflecting on her victory, she shared, "It's about the impact we've been able to have on others, including up-and-coming cooks."

Carla's Pick: Gwyneth Christoffel

During the quarter-finals of the competition, competing chefs were able to show off their best-plated presentation for the opportunity to be recognized by world-renowned culinary connoisseur, Carla Hall. Gwyneth Christoffel was chosen out of hundreds of submissions as her mesmerizing plated presentation was filled with light textures and bright colors, leaving Chef Hall in awe. She will be whisked away for a NYC foodie experience of a lifetime. Christoffel envisions crafting an illustrated cookbook that harmonizes her vibrant artistry with approachable recipes. Hall's recognition is now propelling Christoffel's dreams toward reality.

Carla Hall + Workshops

The spirited Chef Hall, a Food Network fan favorite, offered insight and wisdom to competitors as the competition host. To further add value to competitors, Colossal introduced exclusive workshops featuring industry pros, including:

  • The Art of Plating and Presentation with Carla Hall
  • Leadership In and Out of the Kitchen with Kris Moon, President and COO of the James Beard Foundation
  • The Secret Sauce to Catering Events with Chef Terry Matthews (aka BBQ Daddy)
  • Cooking Up Engaging Social Content with Social Media Influencer Melissa Anaya (@eatdrinkaz)

To learn more about the Favorite Chef Competition, visit

About Colossal

Colossal is the global leader in online competitions and one of the most effective fundraising platforms available for charities that lack the bandwidth to operate large-scale campaigns. While offering extraordinary opportunities to men and women around the world, each online fundraising competition operated by Colossal has become a successful method of fundraising for nonprofits, designed to raise money for important causes. To learn more, visit

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