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19 Nordic Film Commissions agree on new sustainability pledge (exclusive)

Source: Jay Patel courtesy of Western Norway Film Commission

Trolltunga, Norway

All 19 of the Nordic Film Commissions have signed a new, wide-ranging sustainability pledge.

Some of the specific guidelines include helping productions source electric vehicles for transport; encouraging charging points at popular filming locations; working with local and vegetarian catering suppliers; encouraging the hiring of location scouts who have knowledge of how to protect nature; discussing Nordic-wide green training for production service companies and much more. 

Caroline Gjerulff, Film Commissioner at Vision Denmark and Head of Green Group at Nordic Film Commissioners (NFC) told Screen: “The pledge is a common agreement and a framework on how to work together both as a group with the transition to a more sustainable industry, doing it in a systematic way, and to be an active partner in a more climate friendly eco-system of film and TV-production.”

She continued, “We see the film and TV industry in the Nordic countries as an eco-system of producers, creatives, financiers and suppliers. We all have different roles to play in the green transition of our industry, and this pledge concentrates on how to make the work we already do as film commissioners concerning help with location, suppliers, crew and logistic more sustainable.”

In addition to Gjerulff, other key members of NFC that helped spearhead the new pledge are Solveig Sigmond Ræstad, Midgard Film Commission in Norway and President of NFC; and Daniel Chilla, Stockholm Film Commissioner and NFC VP.

The commissions see the pledge as a way of not just doing the right thing for the planet but also a way of having a “competitive advantage” as the Nordics can implement sustainability measures more successfully than some other regions because of its “green energy mix, high level of education, technology expertise, extensive waste management, understanding of circular economy and great infrastructure.” 

The pledge is designed to be aligned with other existing green strategies and tools such as those from Green Producers Club, Green Film Shooting, Bafta’s Albert, and more.

The pledge was unveiled tonight (December 4) as the Nordic Film Commissions – which represent both regional and national offices — gathered in London during FOCUS.

The members are: Vision Denmark, Faroese Film Institute, Stockholm Film Commission, Film in Iceland, Film på Gotland, Film Tampere, Film GL (Greenland), Finnish Lapland Film Commission, Eastern Norway Film Commission, Midgard Film Commission Norway, North Finland Film Commission, Northern Norway Film Commission, Norwegian Film Commission, Oslo Film Commission, Western Norway Film Commission, Southern Sweden Film Commission, West Finland Film Commission, Åland Film Commission and East Finland Film Commission.

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