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Julia Stone Selected as 2019 Tony B. Leisner Scholarship Recipient

The American Library Association (ALA) has selected Julia Stone of Ashtabula, Ohio as the recipient of the 2019 Tony B. Leisner Scholarship.

The $3,000 scholarship, named for an active ALA member and former member of the ALA Council, is awarded to a library support staff member pursuing a master’s degree in library and information studies. The scholarship was established with funds donated by Leisner.

Stone says that she wants to work in a public library where she can “encourage diversity and community.” Her desire is to “diversify collections to reflect marginalized identities, promote diversity through creative programming, and collaborate with other library staff who are dedicated to social justice and multiculturalism.”

Additionally, Stone is drawn to the idea of serving as an advocate to ensure access to technology for the underserved. She commented that “as a leader in the library profession, I will seek to provide equitable access to information and bridge the digital divide.” She stated, “I have seen the impact of computer literacy programs as a remedy for the digital gap.” She believes that “public access to computers within libraries can open doors to social services, employment opportunities, and personal development. However, guidance is critical. Without it, technology loses its value, particularly for underserved populations.”

Stone’s passion for helping others has been evident to those with whom she has worked. One reference that she is “remarkable for her willingness and dedication to supporting others.“ Another reference commented that she is “smart, mature, responsible, and thoughtful. She gets along well with others and is a strong leader. I have no doubt that she will make an excellent librarian.” Yet another reference stated, “I believe a degree in librarianship aligns very nicely not only with her passion for research, lifelong learning, and advocating for equitable access to information—regardless of socioeconomic class, race, and gender—but her disposition, as well, which is one of great personality, generosity, drive, and compassion. I can think of no greater place for Julia than to be working in a library.”

Stone plans to attend Kent State University (Ohio).

For information on the ALA Scholarship program, visit our scholarship page.

The ALA Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment (HRDR) manages the ALA Scholarship Clearinghouse.

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