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Rachael Sage Releases Exquisite Video for ‘Deepest Dark’

Alt-folk-pop singer-songwriter Rachael Sage has released an exquisite video for "Deepest Dark" from her album, The Other Side (via MPress Records). Filmed in the historic Asylum Chapel in London amidst its crumbling paintwork, stunning stained-glass windows, and ethereal shadows, the video for "Deepest Dark" finds Sage invoking beauty and positivity in a sanctuary echoing with thousands of memories. Sage affirms trust and faith in others who help us navigate through the dark, singing: "And if I call you will you come to me tonight/Even though everyone is sleeping/Even though the deepest dark is still in sight," as natural light sends a shrouded spotlight through the iconic panes. The video premiered in Spill Magazine and Wonderland (UK).

Watch the video for "Deepest Dark" here

Sage elaborates: "Making the video for 'Deepest Dark' was such a moving experience, because it’s a song I wrote as a teenager about friendship – but it came to mean so much more when I decided to finally include it on my current album The Other Side, which is about transcendence. The clip was directed by the brilliant Lee Malone and shot at The Asylum Chapel in London, England with my wonderful longtime violinist Kelly Halloran. It was a beautiful and very old location but it was also impossible not to feel the presence of those impoverished souls who had once filled the chapel, yearning for an end to hardship in difficult times. As a song about unconditional acceptance and loyalty, it was a perfect setting to film because we had the opportunity to bring some positive energy and beauty to a place that had undoubtedly seen much suffering. Right now, that feels more timely than ever – and I hope in some small way that’s what we’re able to do out on the road, through performing my music live."

Sage’s latest studio album The Other Side is the most grounded of her illustrious career, recalling the classic, retro-warmth of the ’70s and ’80s, with memorable Americana-infused pop hooks and folk-fueled poeticism. Blending a myriad of genres and instruments into a cohesive and captivating whole, the album’s musical collaborators include guitarists Jack Petruzzelli (Patti Smith) and James Mastro (Ian Hunter), trumpet player Russ Johnson (Elvis Costello), bassist Nick Beggs (Kajagoogoo), and guest vocals from UK pop icon Howard Jones. Track highlights include: “Whistle Blow,” an Americana palette of slide and acoustic guitars, where Sage muses on power dynamics and boundaries; Sage's folk-pop anthem “The Other Side”, whose memorable gospel-tinged chorus and rapid-fire poeticism make it an instant classic; while the ‘60s-influenced “Flowers For Free” is poetic pop-rock at its most adventurous. Sage's timeless writing reminds us what's most important is always worth waiting for, via songs steeped in just the right amount of best-is-yet-to-come optimism.

The digital album, vinyl and deluxe CD – featuring 12 paintings by Sage, and photographs by Bill Bernstein, along with a Bonus Disc of alternate mixes – can be streamed/ordered at:

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