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Resin Rockers Introduces Innovative Fast Set Epoxy Resin for Tumblers

Significantly Reduced Curing Time Revolutionizes Crafting Efficiency

In an industry-leading move, Resin Rockers announces the release of its new product, “Fast Finish Premium Fast Set Epoxy Resin for Tumblers”, which promises to significantly cut down curing times from 24 hours to just 2-4 hours, enabling tumbler artists and crafters to enhance production and efficiency without compromising quality.

Resin Rockers, a family-owned leader in resin art supplies, unveils its latest innovation designed specifically for tumbler artists—'Fast Finish Premium Fast Set Epoxy Resin. This new formula is engineered to provide the fastest curing time in the market, enabling crafters to achieve a crystal-clear, UV and scratch-resistant finish in a fraction of the time previously required. 

Mandy Hull, CEO of Resin Rockers, emphasizes the transformative nature of this product: "With Fast Finish, we are not just speeding up the curing process; we are enabling artists to accelerate their creative workflow, which will only enhance their productivity and satisfaction. Our ‘Fast Finish’ epoxy formula sets a new standard for performance with its rapid curing time, superior clarity, excellent UV protection, and unmatched durability."

Key features of Fast Finish include: 

  • Touchable in 2-4 hours 
  • High UV resistance to minimize yellowing 
  • VOC-free, self-leveling and low-odor properties for a smoother user experience 

The Fast Finish formula can be used independently or with the company’s popular Perfect Finish Tumbler Epoxy Resin, allowing complete versatility in crafting applications. This product launch underscores Resin Rockers’ commitment to innovation and quality, tailored specifically to meet the needs of its creative customer base. 

About Resin Rockers: Resin Rockers is a globally recognized brand in the UV resin and epoxy resin art supply industry. Founded by CEO Mandy Hull, the company is committed to empowering resin artists with high-quality materials and comprehensive support, enabling them to create with confidence and success. Resin Rockers continues to push the boundaries of creativity and functionality with every product they introduce to the market. 

Visit Resin Rockers on their website at Resin Rockers for more information and updates. 

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Original Source: Resin Rockers Introduces Innovative Fast Set Epoxy Resin for Tumblers Resin Rockers Introduces Innovative Fast Set Epoxy Resin for Tumblers

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