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Rupert Everett, Tamsin Greig, Harry Gilby lead UK adventure comedy ‘Land Of Legend’ with production underway (exclusive)

Source: HanWay Films / Thomas Atilla Lewis (licensed under CC by 2.0)

Rupert Everett, Tamsin Greig

Rupert Everett and Tamsin Greig head the cast of independent UK adventure comedy Land Of Legend, on which filming is underway now for five weeks in South Wales and Gloucestershire.

Land Of Legend is directed by UK filmmaker Niall Johnson, whose previous credits include 2005 comedy Keeping Mum starring Maggie Smith. Cory Brusseau and Robert Weston have written the Land Of Legend script, adapted from Esfandiar Ghodrati’s upcoming novel.

The film follows the adventures of a misfit teenager as he travels through a magical portal to the Hidden Kingdom, where he discovers his destiny is to become a prophesied warrior who will destroy an ancient curse.

Harry Gilby leads the cast; Gilby was previously nominated for most promising newcomer at the 2017 British Independent Film Awards, and played the young version of the titular author in 2019 biopic Tolkien. Imani Yahshua and Robyn Cara round out the cast.

The film is produced by Weston, Brusseau, Michael Riley and Sam Baldoni for Straightwire Entertainment Group and Baldoni Entertainment in association with Brit Film Services. Financing is fully through private equity.

“This is a director’s dream—working with a truly amazing cast in equally amazing locations, making a film for all ages,” said Johnson. “I have always believed that directing is one of the luckiest jobs in the world, and this movie is the perfect reason why.”

“Niall and I have been looking for that special project to work together on for a number of years and I’m so thrilled that we have finally found that in Land Of Legend,” added Weston.

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