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Teaching research data management

CHICAGO — The usefulness of research data management skills bridges numerous activities, from data-driven scholarship and open research by faculty to documentation for grant reporting. And undergrads need a solid foundation in data management for future academic success. Edited by Julia Bauder, “Teaching Research Data Management,” published by ALA Editions, gathers practitioners from a broad range of academic libraries to describe their services and instruction around research data. Readers will learn about such topics as:

  • integrating research data management into information literacy instruction;
  • threshold concepts for novice learners of data management;
  • four key competencies that are entry points for library-faculty collaboration in data instruction;
  • an 8-step plan for outreach to faculty and grad students in engineering and the sciences;
  • using RStudio to teach data management, data visualization, and research reproducibility;
  • expanding data management instruction with adaptable modules for remote learning;
  • designing a data management workshop series;
  • developing a research guide on data types, open data repositories, and data storage;
  • creating a data management plan assignment for STEM undergraduates; and
  • data management training to ensure compliance with grant requirements.

Bauder is the Social Studies and Data Services Librarian at the Grinnell College Libraries. She has written or edited several previous books, including “Data Literacy in Academic Libraries: Teaching Critical Thinking with Numbers” and “The Reference Guide to Data Sources.” She has also published and presented about information literacy, data literacy, and data visualization in such venues as Information Technology and Libraries, College & Undergraduate Libraries, and the LITA National Forum.

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