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Verisma Rated Top Release of Information and Audit Management Solution, 2023 Black Book Revenue Integrity Client Survey

Verisma achieved the highest client experience and customer satisfaction performance ratings, for the fourth consecutive year, excelling in both provider and payer IT categories

Verisma has been named the leading vendor for Release of Information (ROI), Audit Management, and Revenue Integrity solutions for the fourth consecutive year, accredited by clients in the 2023 Black Book Research satisfaction survey of 689 physician practices, 1,019 hospital, and health system users, and over 100 health plan executives.

Providers and payers require ROI tools to efficiently and securely manage the exchange of patient information, crucial for complying with HIPAA privacy regulations, improving patient care coordination, ensuring data accuracy, and adhering to healthcare regulations.

"ROI technology users endorsed the Versima solution in the key areas of security and compliance with robust encryption, user authentication, and audit trail features as well as superior integration of a multitude of EHR systems," said Doug Brown, President of Black Book Research. "Verisma achieved the top client experience rating in eleven of eighteen ROI-centric key performance indicators, as well as the overall highest executing tools for authorization management to efficiently manage and track patient consent and authorization for the release of their health information; and audit trails to maintain detailed logs of all information requests and disclosures, helping to ensure compliance and accountability."

According to 94% of surveyed clients in 2023, ROI systems enhanced patient and member experience by expediting the process of releasing information, as quicker and more accurate access to their records contributed to higher satisfaction levels confirmed by 98% of healthcare consumers separately surveyed in Q3 2023.

ROI software automates the process of gathering and releasing patient information, reducing manual efforts and streamlining workflows, and results in significant time savings for healthcare professionals. "It's important to note that while ROI software offers numerous advantages, its successful implementation requires careful consideration of organizational policies, regulatory requirements, and user training to ensure optimal utilization and compliance," said Brown.

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Original Source: Verisma Rated Top Release of Information and Audit Management Solution, 2023 Black Book Revenue Integrity Client Survey

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