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Why fat actors should be romantically desired in mainstream movies

Is that really progress?, 25 January. Is that really progress? 25 January.

My mother used to give me a series of lectures when I was a teenager, listing all the reasons she wouldn’t stay around to clean my abscesses as I inevitably became a bed-ridden monster. As a moderately obese teenager, this is not exactly affirming or helpful feedback. I’m not sure if Brendan Fraser is up for the evening, but I agree that his empathy on the subject seems genuine.

I believe that when a fat actor is, earnestly, and successfully, the object or active romantic desire of a protagonist in a mainstream film, it will be a sign of real progress in how fat people in the media. Fat people, and the people who love them, live in a world that has taught us that our love is at best niche, at worst hilarious.

I’m a BAME woman, so at this point, add that discrimination to the tab. It’s difficult to accept the idea that the world views my husband as a pervert for finding him attractive. I’d love to see representation of what we have, for him as much as for myself.
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