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“The Journey Within” brings to life an immersive psychedelic mixtape, featuring the music of David Bowie, Radiohead, and more, to be experienced in Cosm’s 87-Foot Diameter 12K LED Domes

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cosm, a leading immersive technology, media, and entertainment company, today announced its latest partnership with renowned DJ, artist, and founder of Fascinated by Everything, Chris Holmes, to release The Journey Within, an immersive experience designed for Cosm’s immersive 87-foot diameter 12K LED domes. 

Set to release in Spring 2024 at Cosm’s forthcoming entertainment venues, The Journey Within, a Cosm Studios Original, is a carefully crafted multi-sensory mixtape that blends the music of David Bowie, Radiohead, Joseph Campbell, Matthew Dear, and more, with imagery created using hand-built LED kaleidoscopes, laser sculptures, and video recordings of the world’s natural wonders ranging from the icebergs of Antarctica to the sandy beaches of Malibu and the pristine lakes of northern Minnesota. Designed to transport audiences from the stresses of everyday life and into a world of wonder, fascination, and awe, Holmes draws on decades of DJing and remixing to create magical worlds of light and color.

The Journey Within takes viewers on a multi-sensory voyage guided by a meticulously curated mixtape that features musical artists, avant-garde writers, and revolutionary thinkers who have played a pivotal role in Holmes’ career and personal journey. Inspired by the work of artists like Yayoi Kusama, James Turrell, and Dan Flavin, as well as Thomas Wilfred’s Clavilux and Laserium laser light shows, Holmes’ work illustrates a magical and musical journey into a transformative state of wonder and fascination.

“This project could find no better home than Cosm, which provides the highest possible resolution for immersive visuals and sound,” said Chris Holmes, who recently founded the immersive entertainment company Fascinated by Everything. “This work is designed to turn Cosm into a cathedral of light, color, and sound, bringing a community together for an entirely new social experience that transcends the constant worry and fear brought on by so many screens in our lives.”

Each kaleidoscope used to produce the experience was designed to recontextualize the natural world, delivering a mesmerizing spectacle of colors, patterns, and infinite possibilities on a never-before-seen medium. By fusing light, sound, technology, artistry, and the sheer wonders of Earth, The Journey Within is a shared experience that will illuminate audiences’ interconnectedness while igniting a deep sense of awe and wonder.

“We are proud to welcome Chris Holmes as the next artist to join Cosm’s growing community of talented creators,” said Neil Carty, VP, Head of Cosm Studios at Cosm. “Together, we are enabling audiences to experience art in an entirely new way, beyond what is typically only experienced at music and art festivals, by bringing works like The Journey Within at the scale and magnitude of immersion that only Cosm can deliver. Chris’ extraordinary use of psychedelic kaleidoscopes, stunning landscapes, and iconic music tracks will transport and mesmerize you through an awe-inspiring journey, and we look forward to bringing his work to life in ‘Shared Reality’ at our forthcoming venues.”

Fostering the art of fulldome filmmaking and the immersive creator ecosystem, Cosm Studios, Cosm’s content and storytelling arm, works with an interdisciplinary community of some of the most talented artists, filmmakers, technologists, and experience designers to push the boundaries of immersive storytelling and design.

Holmes becomes the third artist to join Cosm Studios’ Creator Program alongside award-winning new media artist Nancy Baker Cahill, who announced SEEK with Cosm earlier this year, and filmmaker and director Guy Reid, co-founder of recently announced partner Planetary Collective.

Cosm’s venues bring the world’s best fan experiences to life by delivering an atmosphere that merges the energy of the crowd, elevated food and beverage options, specialized merchandise, and state-of-the-art visuals backed by the company’s best-in-class technology. Programming at its venues will include art experiences like Holmes’ The Journey Within and Baker Cahill’s SEEK, as well as other experiential content, entertainment, and live sports, such as NBA games, UFC fights, and more.

Cosm’s first venue in Los Angeles and second venue in Dallas are currently under construction, with plans to expand to additional locations in key markets. Details of the schedule of events upon the opening of its venues will be shared at a later date.

About Cosm
Cosm is the leading experiential media and immersive technology company redefining the way the world experiences content. With a storied history of building some of the most innovative experience technology in the world, Cosm provides sensorial experiences for every type of fan, from sports and entertainment to immersive art and education. Its immersive venues bridge the virtual and physical worlds through pioneered technology that expands the realm of what’s possible, connecting people and bringing them together in, what is called, Shared Reality. As the company continues to expand to new cities and countries, Cosm is sparking shared passions and providing guests across the globe with experiences they need to feel to believe. To learn more about Cosm, visit and follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Threads, and TikTok.  

About Chris Holmes
Chris Holmes is an artist, musician and tech alchemist who is constantly learning and endlessly fascinated. For the past 14 years Chris has toured the world as the opening act for Paul McCartney, remixing The Beatles, McCartney, and Wings songs. An accomplished remixer and DJ who has been instrumental in shaping the LA nightlife scene for almost two decades, Chris has remixed, DJed and toured with McCartney, Prince, Bjork, LCD Soundsystem, Spike Jonze, Edgar Wright, Jon Favreau, Banksy, Questlove, Radiohead and Daft Punk. As a producer, his credits include artists from house music legend Felix Da Housecat to beloved icon Sinead O’Connor. Chris has brought his invaluable vision and creativity to events and campaigns for Google, Sundance Labs, Sonos, Shinola, Nissan, Dos Hombres, Comedy Central, and Rockstar Games to name a few.  He has served as music director for the LA based charity The Art of Elysium.


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