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From Lullabies to Line Dances: With ‘Can You Guess,’ Singer/Songwriter Wendy Jill Makes a Spirited Debut in Country and Bluegrass

Former actress and children’s music icon branches out with invigorating singles, revealing a new side to her musical talent

DALLAS, July 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Best known by her stage name, “Wendy Jill” Elliott is now strumming a different tune in her career. Originally celebrated for her heartwarming children’s album “For the Family,” the popular songwriter recently revealed her own country flair with a series of breakout singles, featuring: “Can You Guess.”

More than just a toe-tapping number, “Can You Guess” is a narrative woven with romance, speculation, and whimsical wordplay. Reflecting on her songwriting approach, Wendy Jill explained, “Each song is a story, a mystery to unravel. I want listeners to feel like they’re part of the narrative, deciphering clues and guessing who the protagonist is throughout the song.”

A New Musical Journey – “She had her first kiss last week”

Marking a new chapter in her musical journey while also celebrating and explaining the recent dramatic shift into new genres, Wendy Jill recently said:

“My career in children’s music was a joyous one, but I’ve always nurtured a deep love for the richness of country and bluegrass. With ‘Can You Guess’ leading the way I’m thrilled to finally explore the possibilities for both my writing and my vocals.”

The Love of Family – “Well he begs her to give him an answer…”

Behind every great artist is a formidable support system. For Wendy Jill, that support comes from her family, including husband Leo Elliott, a revered luthier known for his guitar work with Scarlet Fire Guitars. Leo’s profound knowledge of the acoustic qualities of stringed instruments helps Wendy Jill create a sound experience that resonates with the genre’s authenticity. The synergy between the couple also serves as an added layer to the richness of her new tracks. And Wendy Jill is continually bolstered by the love of both of her children, Ethan and Connor – the original inspiration for her first album.

A Legacy – “Mimi says there’s always time… It’s five o’clock somewhere…”

Wendy Jill also acknowledges the importance of her family in another single, “Five O’Clock Somewhere,” written to celebrate her grandparents, Maxine and Erwin Waldman (Mimi and Papa). The song references one of her grandmother’s favorite funny maxims, while also reminiscent of easier times: “Relax watch the sunset/ Kick up your feet/ Visiting good friends is all we need.” Wendy Jill was thrilled to sing the song for her grandparents 50th anniversary and her family still remembers the event fondly.

New Directions – “Can you guess who I’m talking about?”

Responding to how fans might react to her genre leap, Wendy Jill said, “Change is always a risk, but I’m eager to share this new side of my musical persona. I hope ‘Can You Guess’ inspires listeners to embrace new experiences, just as I’ve embraced this exciting shift. I’ll be pairing the single with other song release drops of course, along with new projects and a variety of live stage performances.”

Armed with a rich past in children’s music and a promising future, Wendy Jill plans to dive headfirst, making a splash in the country music pool immediately. As she put it, “My goal is to keep creating, keep exploring, and keep connecting with audiences through music that tells stories and stirs emotions. Because that’s first and foremost what music should be: a way to reach into the heart.”

Preview her new music singles via Apple Music and YouTube:

And for updates on future projects and appearances, follow Wendy Jill on social media: Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, iHeart, Amazon Music, Backstage.

About Wendy Jill

University of Arizona and Berklee College of Music alumna, Wendy Jill Elliott, a.k.a. Wendy Jill, is a diverse musician recognized for her award-winning children’s music. A former top 10 finalist in the USA Songwriting Competition, she’s known for her catchy, meaningful compositions and sweet, lilting vocals. She continues to charm audiences with her evolving artistry, including her latest venture into country/bluegrass. Listen to her music and explore her work on Spotify and IMDb.

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