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GARY WRIGHT-Singer, Songwriter: A Joyful Remembrance from Gary’s family

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —

Spiritual hero and musical innovator.

Light of Smiles

We knew him as Dad.

“Maybe heaven is another show, another scene to play, another truth to find between the lights of our lives in the time machine.”

The core values in Gary’s life were meditation and family. Gary and his son Dorian would meditate often together on Hawaii Island. It was their time to share a blissful experience together. “Morning mediations were something we always shared since I was 6- years- old.” Dorian’s wife, Lehua Wright reflects, “Gary’s smile and profound ability to always find the humor in life, ensured that laughter followed him everywhere. Thinking of Gary is infinite joy.”

Listening to the album Dreamweaver, Dorian describes the words to his father’s song, “Feel for me” as almost being prophetic. “When I’m sad I know you know, cause you feel for me now… and I’m starting to let go, can you feel for me now…if we meet at another time and place.” Dorian added, “This was always meant to parallel a real relationship of meaning and connection to someone or something that will never end. There’s always the ability to see them again, hinting to reincarnation and no “death”. That’s how my father viewed life. He always said, “he’s not afraid of death”  and “when you feel pain, realize that it’s the ego getting in the way and that his soul is on it’s journey to the astral plane.”

Gary’s son Justin reflects, “When I think of my father, I think of the spirituality in his life. He always found beauty in nature and never took anything too seriously. He knew that his earthly existence was just a small part of who he really was. That resonated with me and gave me a belief that there was something special after our earthly lives, something to look forward to. My dad always told my brother Dorian and I to make the most of every opportunity that presented itself. My father always did just that. He was blessed with excellent timing, good fortune, and generational musical talent. He captured lightning in a bottle when he crafted DREAMWEAVER. At one time this was and still may be, one of the top 20 most replayed classic rock songs ever. “

Gary’s younger sister Lorna Lee remembers her brother Gary as a sweet and gentle soul. He was her mentor and role model, always teaching her the value of self-discipline. “He was the most loving brother I could have ever hoped for. We shared a deep affection. He always had my back. Most important, we went through life making each other laugh, right up to the end. He was filled with kindness, warmth, and the love of family. His passing was very peaceful. He left his body with a gentle smile on his face.”

Elise Belvedere, Gary’s cousin added, “I especially enjoyed his humor of our Sicilian ancestry, when he  mimicked our Nana “Whatsa matta fo you, you no gooda lousy snip.” We would just laugh. He was a great example of how to live life to the fullest. Be in tune with your body, soul, and spirit. To laugh and be joyful. That was Gary.”

The song, “Get on The Right Road”- always struck a chord with Gary’s son Justin, because it talks about leading a life of action and righteous behavior, seeing opportunity, and seizing it, while spreading truth, and getting others to follow along. “He also talks about taking care of the planet. There’s a line that says, “Can’t poison the world and hope to survive.” Foreshadowing the future of global warming perhaps?”

A message from the Wright family:

Thank you to all his fans and those who loved him for taking the time to look at his contributions in life through a unique lens. You focused on what was meaningful and not what was sensationalized, and for that our family is grateful. Our hope is that his gift of music will continue to touch the hearts of all those who listen to it and will continue to do so for a very long time.

Our love is alive- Dorian and Lehua Wright, Justin Wright, Grandchildren Kirra and Aubrey Wright, Sister Lorna Lee, Elise Belvedere (cousin).

SOURCE Gary Wright’s Family

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