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Music Producer Reacts to Rythmind vs BreZ | GRAND BEATBOX BATTLE 2021: WORLD LEAGUE | Quarter Final

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Man, this just felt next level to me. In this video I break down the GBB round of Rythmind vs Brez in a loopstation battle from a music production perspective while reacting to it, but I continue to be amazed at everything these beatbox battles offer. Creativity, crowd hype, competition, and the overall presentation! Thanks for watching!

My new album ‘The Sky is Red’ OUT NOW! Listen here:

Intro/Outro Song- Joey Nato x Crypt – BLACKOUT ft. Jarren Benton

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FAQ & More Info:
What does the CT on my hat stand for?
Connecticut, USA. My home state!

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Joey Nato is a rapper & music producer from Connecticut (CT), USA.

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Equipment Joey Nato uses:
Speakers (Yamaha HS7s)
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Hardware Interface (Focusrite)
Computer (Omen 30L)
Microphone (BLUE Baby Bottle)
Headphones (Audio-Technica M40x)
Streamdeck (Elgato Streamdeck XL)

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